Personal Abyss Pocket?

So I love the scenery and general feel of Abyss. And it got me thinking, it’d be a lot of fun to have a personal (stabilized) Abyss pocket that you can go to and from, maybe with some restrictions on how, when and where you can do it. Maybe you could set up the POS structures in there as well, repurposed and redone so they can serve as a personal base of operations. This would be a great way for people who have always wanted their own station but really saw no point in setting one up to get their feet wet in base management. Perhaps there could also be NPC spawns in the form of Triglavians occasionally that you have to defend against, with POS defenses, a defense force consisting of you and maybe some other people you trust to have in your pocket, or a combination thereof.

Maybe some other features could be introduced as well. Perhaps this could all be done under the guise of establishing remote research outposts that the NPC empires use to gather data on Abyss, and maybe you could even have your own empire-specific NPC ships to help you defend, supply, or otherwise conduct operations within your Abyss pocket. There could be plenty of profit-making opportunities too, and maybe expeditions to other (less stable) pockets to gather either data or resources. You could choose to lead these personally or have them assigned to sub commanders. Just an idea though! This might feel too much like the stuff WoW was doing so it might not be such a great idea. Though I think if done right it could be fun :slight_smile:

Just an idea, and certainly something that could be expanded on. And if it’s not feasible for whatever reason, that’s entirely understandable. All I know is that ever since the Abyss expansion came out, I’ve loved the idea of living (or at least having a second home) in one of these regions of space.

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So how is this different from current wormholes?

Is it that you just want a space that is 100% risk free? Because, if we take your idea and actually make it align with the essence of what eve is, then you just got yourself some wormholes.


I do not think you should get your own “personal” abyssal space…

But maybe the Abyssal space and its mechanics could be expanded on…with no TImers, no auto-loss from DC’ing.

Something AKin to WH, but much more dangerous, more difficult to get into, and more difficult to navigate let alone live there.


If you’re talking about a completely safe space then you cannot make any money from it at all.

This game needs interaction for the market to work at all. The worst thing that can happen is having people sitting and grinding in their super safe pockets and rarely ever coming out.


OMG it is “play house” in space.


Great idea 100% risk free player housing.

All modern MMO have safe player housing, what CCP is waiting for ???

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