Petition for Transgender Corpses

There are male and female corpses in the game but no transgender ones, and while I am not transgender my feelings are greatly offended by this.

We must have transgender corpses put into the game asap. Im sure Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner approves of this and can be a model for it or something?

Dont go this way. They could take those complaints seriously and just remove all corpses and use the “unspecified biomater” object.


0/10 but I’m sure some idiots will bite


How about no?

This is a video game. Don’t bring real world political/social issues into it.

Why? Based on capsuler technology, we are put in a clone body. The bodies are created as described here:

I don’t see why gender just couldn’t be switched when a new clone is picked. If you read the novels, there is a character called the broker who uses several clones including using one based on a high ranking Gall commander.

So basically, with cloning technology there are no transgendera because you could simply buy a clone of the gender you want, head out into space, self destruct your pod, and bam you wake up the sex you want.

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I’ve often wondered whether those biting take the bait seriously or are just playing along.


While superficially male or female, clones are genderless as they have no genitalia (think ken and barbie dolls), and don’t need the associated “plumbing” either as their reproductive process involves the reconstruction of existing DNA rather than the fusion of gametes.

Gender, physical or otherwise, is irrelevant when the “species” is capable of asexual reproduction.


Did op just assume the corpses gender?

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We already have. You seem to not know what “transgender” means, or why are you thinking a transgender-corpse looks any different from normal corpses? Your troll is like the weakest ever. Go read a few books until you are smart enough for another go.

I thought there were around 70 genders. Oh wait, over 100…

Quite ridiculous, all these genders… you either have a peepee or a jayjay, or a mix somewhere in there.

I however, I am special, I am an attack helicopter.


i´m transgender, male to female.

Means i´m a woman in a male body.

And i believe most of us, don´t want an extra transgender body in the game, because there are man in female bodies, or woman in male bodies, there is no special transgender body in real life, so why should we need one in EVE?

transsexual, or transgender is not a additional sex!




How could that even be represented by a naked corpse in space though? :thinking:

I mean, if we wore clothes, I guess you could have a man with a beard in a dress or something, but otherwise how do you portray that there is a woman inside that mans body?


that question goes to Joe Monso^^

i also have no idea

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Actually… That’s not true. In one of the novels two capsules hook up. It is imomied both had died before. Later, one is killed the other escapes a gatecamp gone bad. They meet back up and the one who died laments not remembering how to pilot an interceptor due to a clone glitch. I believe they hook up again or try to but one’s feeling get in the way.

So no our clones are anatomically correct.

Politics in video games is old.

Video games allow you to play with the concepts which show up in politics in ways non-interactive media can’t. There’s a whole mess of games (mostly indie, because AAA companies don’t like customers who apply high-level thought to their games so much these days) which let you explore a lot of current political issues through play. EVE itself is an incredibly complicated environment where politics spontaneously happen and politicking is something that pretty much everybody does at some level, even if it’s just Xing up to go blob someone.

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