Petrus Justinianus and Dr Wilson scamming new corps by gaining the trust of new CEOs

For real though, how come this guy is bothering me and my clients now.
I did nothing to him/her/it.

This thread is great!

Being “mega buttmad”, as you call it, is not sufficient cause for a restraining order, especially after making a public accusation (this thread), going to Court, you failing to produce a record of the ownership of the shares you allegedly appropriated, and then progressing to close the Corporation called “Kingdom of Bretonia” instead of paying Dr Wilson 2B to have him recruit some new members to ensure its viability, profit and enjoyment.

Clearly the formerly accused had no interest in the now defunct corporation, which is sufficient cause to raise a red flag, new questions, a few eyebrows and corners of mouths, and which also makes this Court’s Penitential Fedos grow increasingly restless having been bereft of sustenance they anticipated from this closed case.

We also like to remind the formerly accused that he has no right to any protection program and is not eligible for a new identity under the current laws.

One of the things that made me suspicious of him was that he had been in 10 corps in the past few weeks.

One of the things? Nah, that does not raise any alarms. At all.

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eh…just a guy to block and put it on red

nothing new

Would it had been better at the start of first opening that Corp to issue shares out and not leave them inside the Corp for the next promoted person to swipe?

It all falls back on the owner and the amount of trust given out at the time.

Sorry for your loss.

Can this be included in the official game description please? That is so true

this isn’t what you are looking for friend

You must have a pretty naive understanding of what the worst human behaviours are.

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It appears that we have a new trial on our hands!

Yeah, literally the worst thing you can do is destroy or steal someone’s pixels in this game. You know, like stealing the ball in football.

Ofcourse it’s encouraged because it’s part of the game, and the game is nothing without it.