Petrus Justinianus and Dr Wilson scamming new corps by gaining the trust of new CEOs


I would like to make players of Eve online aware that our briefly trusted director Petrus Justinianus was discovered to be a scammer who joined the corporation in an attempt to gain our trust as well as access to our resources.

Last night around 1am, Petrus introduced me to a friend who he recommended I pay 2b ISK UP-FRONT to Dr Wilson for pilot recruiting services. This set off some red flags which made me ultimately demote Petrus from the director roll until I could be certain he was not a scammer. One of the things that made me suspicious of him was that he had been in 10 corps in the past few weeks.

I was able to confirm he was indeed up to no good when we discovered that Petrus had used his director privileges to assign himself 100% of the corporation’s shares. Luckily Petrus was demoted before he was able to steal any assets.

With 100% of the shares, Petrus seems to have completely taken over the corp. Luckily our assets were moved out, and we were able to reform the corp without much trouble.

What I want is for everyone to be aware that Petrus Justinianus and Dr Wilson are working together to scam new corporations out of billions of ISK by first gaining their trust, and then convincing them to pay high up-front costs for services that likely would never have been delivered.

While we managed to avoid the scam, and avoid losing any assets or ISK, we did lose our corporation due to Petrus Justinianus granting himself 100% of shares.

Thank you


I am confused…

Where is the proof? My dealing with them have been nothing but professional.


The court of Crime & Punishment is hereby called in the defense of good pilots being accused with such slander.


The CEO of “Kingdon of Bretonia” is now Petrus because he stole 100% of the shares and made it impossible for himself to be kicked.

Myself, our CEO & founder Promatheus Romanov, Alythia Romanov, Puppy Pilot, and Puppyboat have all been forced to resign our roles from the corp, and create a new corp “The Kingdom of Bretonia” due to Petrus taking 100% shares-- making it impossible for him to be kicked.

Petrus’s corp history is also high suspect. He’s been in 10 corps in the last two weeks. I am currently in contact with his old corp leaders, and hope to find more information related to his activities in those corps. I will update this thread when I know more.

And what part of that has to do with the good and honorable Dr Wilson?


Dr Wilson is who Petrus attempted to convince my corp to pay 2b isk upfront in exchange for recruiting services. Petrus claimed to have known Dr Wilson for over a decade.

Dr Wilson insisted that his service was legitimate.

I had only a hunch that Dr Wilson was a scammer due to his demanding such a high up-front payment in a game so notoriously known for scams.

My hunch was later confirmed by Petrus’s reaction to our saying no to the deal, and his stealing control of the corporation by assigning himself 100% of the shares using his director permissions.

I cannot prove Mr Wilson is actually a scammer. I can only say that he attempted to convince us to give him 2bisk up front for services. We did not give him this ISK.

I only wish to ensure both player’s names are publicly available for future corporations who wish to look them up for back ground checks.

We were not scammed, but we did lose our corp due to shares being taken, and we could have lost billions if I had not been as skeptical as I was of the deal.

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So you have not been scammed and have no proof of Dr Wilson doing anything wrong. Dr Wilson has been running a legitimate recruitment business for years in Eve and I myself have used his fantastic services in the past.

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I have made Dr Wilson aware of this thread, and am not surprised to find he has other friends in addition to Petrus who are willing to lie on his behalf.

You are calling me a lier now as well? Does your slander know no bounds?


I believe I’ve given all the details I have right now. I will try to update this thread as I learn more.

so no proof and false accusations against a stand up pilot.


Did he just call me a liar?

I will be keeping my eye out for you in game.


I would suggest to just put chats from other corps that confirm suspicious activities of mentioned players, so far I see a massive bullshitery from their side, which even more confirms that they should be blacklisted from accepting to any corporation.
Good luck with your corporation, the good side is that you learned this lesson.
Fly safe o7

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The problem here Ms. Cleopatra is that the court of C&P needs some hard evidence before we can find against these accused scammers. Without evidence, why should we take your word over these possibly innocent former corp members of yours? Maybe it is you that is up to no good? We’ve seen it before.

Do you have some screenshots, killmails, chat logs or anything else to substantiate your accusations? Just pointing to an active corporation history isn’t much proof someone is a thief.


Just to be sure, have you distributed the corporate shares for your new corporation to those whom you can trust? If not, better sooner than later.


I don’t get it. being upset about the price of something doesn’t make it a scam. what’s this thread about?

Scamming. To be specific, theft of corp control by assigning shares to oneself, likely with the end goal of stealing all shared assets. Also an attempt to gain 2b isk by offering services that are really unnecessary. Seriously, pilot recruiting?


Well OP i hope you learned a lesson here, the moment you create a corporation, the CEO immediately claims the shares before adding ppl to the corp and then refuse to create any more.

Edit: Btw welcome to EvE


Do you have any proof of any of this? because it looks like you are just dragging some dudes through the mud. Heck, I could go make a forum post about you saying you did all of this.