What’s your favorite space weapon? What do you like to use to open an enemy’s spaceship like a can of sardines?
What’s your preferred ammo? What’s your favorite stuff to lob at those funny-looking ships??
I like knives and axes myself but for New Eden I switch to Blasters and Voids.

Have a good one.

Blasters are great for short range, but even with several optimal range scripts fitted you’ll be lucky to get beyond 10km with Void. Personally I prefer lasers and Conflag. Greater range, crystals easily and quickly swapped, and you can in fact have an entire battle without having to renew crystals at all.

That said, I have a 1000 DPS Blaster Moa that I’m waiting for a victim to try out on.


I love falloff, so either blasters with null loaded or autocannons.

How orgasmic!
So far mine goes to a little over 300. I need more practice.

How good are those things? Would you stake a 500M isk ship loaded with those autocannons against a 1000dps Moa?

O yea easily, moe is slow so I would just keep range, could probably kill it with a 30mil ship.

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The 1000 DPS Moa is effectively a ganking ship, stripped down to all but the essentials for max DPS. Around 45m ISK. I wouldn’t fly one in a regular fleet or for any other purpose. Railguns are better for most Moa stuff.

You can get a Gnosis to 1115 DPS with blasters. I have one…with two optimal range scripts the falloff range can be increased to 10km for Void. But just as slow as the Moa. But then again there aren’t many ships that can do over 1100 DPS for just 70m ISK or so.

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45M, not bad at all. All I need now are the skills to use it… and the experience to not lose it… and the blueprint to build it, lol.

I could but I will not fly a ship if I can’t build it. The Gnosis doesn’t have a blueprint so scratch that one.

Hello Harmonia!

I have several favorites. My all-time is probably Scorch with tech 2 pulse lasers. Lasers have instant crystal swapping so you can gearshift into Multifrequency or Conflagration, with backup T1 crystals that never run out, juuuust in case. I have several powerful lasers in real life so this is just a matter of taste for me.

Close second favorite is artillery. Caring about transversal before each shot takes a bit more focus, but scoring a wrecking hit with optimally ranged Quake or even better- the perfect damage type you need- is one of the most satisfying feelings in the game. Kiting with long range Tremor, or the faction tracking-bonus ammos is also underrated and just as cancerous as light missiles. I do not own any artillery in real life, for the record.

Third would also be blasters with void for the times when you can get in range and stay in range. Null is quite useful on hybrid weapon ships with range bonuses. As far as I know, “blasters” are completely fictional in reality.

Honorable mention goes to the entropic disintegrators. I think everybody knows those are strong, even with the nerfs. Also missiles are generally good if they can hit but I started off with missiles and just got tired of them personally.


@Lola_Munijugs solid post! You’ve given me plenty to look into. Thanks a lot.


Missiles. That is all.

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I will use both railguns and blasters on different ships depending on what type of ship I will go against. So, javelins/spike and void/null are the ammo I will try/use given enough CPU/Power grid on the ships I already own.

Have a good one, too.

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Or Cruise Missiles.

THEY ARE LITERALLY NUKES IN THIS GAME LOL How insane is that!? :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

Watch out for those nukes coming your way. 'laughs in golem


Only missiles? Is that really viable for PvP?

Speaking of CPU, I don’t get how a ship’s CPU cannot sustain the amount of hard points and low/medium slots it comes with.
It reminds me of SpaceX’s Starship with malfunctioning door and raptor engines that cannibalize themselves.

Why not go all out, I say.

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I don’t pvp

Edit: lemme rephrase, i dont go looking for fights with other players. I mainly do the pve missions cause I work for USIA


Yeah. If you’re fighting in the warzones for frigate PvP, hulls like a Breacher, Condor, and Kestrel are pretty strong, and each have certain fits that can punch up against turret based Faction or T2 hulls.

Then there are cruisers that use HAMs or Rapid Lights, also strong.

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Found it.

You help fix standing for capsuleers for a fee. Must be nice to have a full-time job in New Eden :wink:

I will have to look that up.
So much to learn, so little time.

My favorite space weapon is Local Chat.


You’ll be fine. The trick is learning how to learn. Cost effectively.


Kind of an unreliable weapon, isn’t? There are issues with Local that keep cropping up all the time according to what is being reported in this forum and elsewhere. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all for hours.
And then you need more than Local to destroy your prey. Eventually you will need a fitted ship, weapons and ammo.