Phantomite 2022 - Real Eve

I don’t hate you, you are just trying to get CCP do something that’s not their job. Its up to you to undock and to start a fight. If nobody wants to fight your ticker then CCP cant change that.

You are drumming up support from passive, forever docked people who want FW and content to come to them. You ignore advice and criticism from people who actively pvp at the highest level in low sec. And you still haven’t responded to any of it.

So I hate the in game persona that you have created and the pvp activity that you take part in (50 damnations with no damage mods and 20 Zarms). On comms you are a fairly chill dude. This is just a game bro and at least I have a history of promoting positive movement in low sec. While your actions in game contradict this post.

It’s not up to the players. We’ve tried to leave it up to the players to stop forming into giant groups and oppressing everything else for 6 years - it doesn’t work. Give the players tools to dominate and they will.
The game needs to change.

I hope that you and your supporters see enough change from CCP to undock one day. I wish you the best of luck with the long wait. And if the FW changes are not quite comfortable enough then there is always the next time after that.

Wait for change together with Changeomite CSM 2022!!

I support this product and/or service.

Easy #1 on the ballot for anyone who cares about sandbox PVP.

Ignore the 2 twerps from RSA who’s arguments boil down to grr snuff bad. IMO it’s pretty rich for them to complain about snuff killing small-scale content when my only interactions with RSA have been them awoxing NPSI fleets I’ve been on with supercap traps.

Edit: you might think it’s unfair to paint Multaii and dragonwraith with the actions of an entire alliance -
turns out Multai was the one who smugposted on reddit about doing it and the dragonwraith char on the killmails


We are proud to delete that cancerous fleet 3 times in two weeks. That fleet drops 30 bombers on solo battleships around low sec and cries when its deleted by 5 chads in titans. We dont complain about content at all, we have plenty of it.

Man, I thought only I drew this kind of hate, Phant, lol.


RSA is full of actual horrible people, so you wear them hating you like a badge of honor.

But they like me. I guess that makes me horrible.



Must be true if you say so :rofl:

If a sniff line member says something, that is 100% true my guy

I don’t even like them and I thought it was hilarious. Bombers Bar and other NPSI groups are terrible and deserve to be awoxed given that their only standards to get in are “have a pulse”.

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Added new supportive message from Gobbins

Phantomite is a pretty cool guy, a vote for him is better for the game than a vote for random bloc leadership type #671.

RSA? more like RMT lmao

Why don’t you like us? This post is already more about RSA than it is about some snuff F1 pusher so lets dig into this right here.

Still looking for some answers to the questions that I raised here though. Changetomite blocked me on discord so I have to engage with this low-sec candidate here.

This post cringed me out due to its hypocrisy because I know phant and I know that his actions in space are not at all congruent with the spirit of this post. This would be like RSA making a post that we want to represent high-sec, miners and 200 man Kiki fleet content. Somebody had to speak up, that’s all.

Brisc is a Chad’s Chad

Personal testimony here working with Phantomite on CSM15. Phantomite had 0 issues saying what needed to be said, bluntly, and speaking out for the PvPers and people who want good content. He was always the first to call bull ■■■■ and speak up on a topic, and he did a damn good job of articulating it.

Phantomite was fought like hell to get love for lowsec, and he’s what we all need on the CSM to be the voice for content and PvP. His work wasn’t finished on CSM15, so we need another year of Phanto on CSM17.


Definitely one of the best candidates to end up in the tickets that count (you were #5 in ours). And a great guy to boot. Onward to your seat (again), Phanto!

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Thank you so much <3 If you want to help, telling someone else and directing them to my thread or even directly to me on discord is a huge plus!

EDIT: more items are continuously added to the “specifics” section on my site :slight_smile:

A vote for Phantomite is always a wise vote. This guy is v. smart and has some great ideas. He will be on my ballot for certain.