Phantomite 2022 - Real Eve

Thank you so much <3 If you want to help, telling someone else and directing them to my thread or even directly to me on discord is a huge plus!

EDIT: more items are continuously added to the “specifics” section on my site :slight_smile:

A vote for Phantomite is always a wise vote. This guy is v. smart and has some great ideas. He will be on my ballot for certain.

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I hope I get to work with people like you on bringing more opportunities to players outside of gigablocs!

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Phantomite was never the easiest man to work with, but for the CSM we were on together he was easily one of the most aggressive and active members. He knew how to pick his battles and he fought hard for his guys. He also never let CCP forget he was there, even if they were determined to ignore him and his sector he was always there to remind them.

If your voting this election Phantomite is easily one of if not your best call.


Wow. Thank you Vily!

I always enjoyed our battles. And I also enjoyed finding out we agreed on just as much stuff as we disagreed on. I hope I can get the seat at the table to keep going.

I love you :slight_smile:

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Vily lied, TEST died.

Phantomite knows this game incredibly well and has a track record - with the receipts included - to prove he advocates for the change the game needs. He has been on CSM, knows how to work with CCP (to the extent they are willing to work with the CSM…) and knows how to work with the other members of the CSM. Unlike a lot of us who play EVE (myself included), Phant actually has a decent head on his shoulders and takes the time to think through not only issues related to the game, but also to exercise care and good judgment in his interactions with the people who play this game as people - not forgetting that we are all, at the end of the day, humans who happen to have a shared passion. There are not many people left in the world who can demonstrate that kind of judgment and restraint.

You would do well to vote for him.

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Can’t put it any better myself. If you care about small scale PvP like lowsec, FW etc then you can’t go wrong with a vote for Phantomite. We have seen him on CSM before and he isn’t afraid to speak up about what needs to be done, and more importantly I think his ideas would really help to improve the game.

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You have my vote

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Let me fix that for you:
If you care for small scale pvp, vote for the biggest blob that’s destroying low sec… :melting_face:

Ok makes sense, count on me!

Voting here is voting for someone who is truly passionate about the game. He will ruffle feathers if needed and do what is right to bring the game back to what it needs to be. Pvp, low sec pvp and FW need love big time.

He was in CSM before and did great work. Even when he wasn’t not in the CSM he put in work when he did not need too. His ideas will help restore eve to what is was.

Make PVP great again.

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Huge thank you. To anyone reading, please do go and check out my website and/or come and talk to me! I am known for talking at length to anyone who wants to listen or discuss - I will talk with a Hundred people on comms, ten people, and even just one single person. I want to hear from you and tell you what i’m about.

get phantomite back on csm already, clearly there’s not enough people telling CCP that what they’re doing is dumb


Much appreciated. I stood in 2020 for Lowsec PvP, but now I work on a better PvP ecosystem in all areas of space. Many things I want to change are positive and longed for in all areas of space - including wormholes and nullsec.

You are my #1 ballot pick this year. I’m a wormholer and I am putting you ahead of any wormhole candidates as I think you have a better knowledge and understanding of EVE and PVP in particular than any wormhole candidate. As I wormholer I sincerely believe that your actions will better aid wormholes than any standing wormhole candidate, even if this is only an indirect consequence.


Thank you, I don’t believe that the game is fixable through minor ship/module balance tweaks - the fundamental issues that chill PvP activity need changing. This is why I consider myself to stand for PvP overall, rather than standing for one narrow avenue of PvP.

As Pirate Lord of Low Sec I fully endorse Phantomite for CSM and he will be on my official ballot recommendations. As a dedicated supporter of Faction Warfare changes for over a decade now, I strongly believe we need solid, focused, and dedicated representatives on the CSM to help guide and instruct CCP on the upcoming changes to FW and Low Sec - in my opinion Phantomite will be one of those candidates we can trust to help guide that process.

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Thank you Rixx. My hope is that faction war membership and activity can grow to sustain itself with spontaneous player-group-interactions (BULLETS) and that the new mechanics lend themselves to players of all ages. I do not accept some people’s view that FW is intended to be a place for “newer” players only, I want it to offer pvp content for people of any age. Lowsec is not a stepping stone - it’s a place to live.

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I remember our talk at FF and you seem to have a good down to earth perspective on what needs to be done. +1 vote

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