[Photon UI] Feature Preview - Multiple Overviews Feedback Thread

A new and more UX-focused color library, with new color themes

Have you? The UX with Photon has gotten worse compared to the existing UI for various reasons:

  • active Chat tabs are now harder to see
  • new activity in Chats or other tabs is much more visible than the active tabs, which is confusing and not something that “get used to” can fix.
  • The window highlights for active windows is completely gone when you alt tab between clients
  • The very noticeable color palettes from the existing UI are completely gone, which makes identifying different clients much harder.
  • Column dividers, expandable category header border, among other things are much harder to discern than in the existing UI because they were completely removed.

Only a few examples why Photon’s UX is worse than the existing UI’s. It is definitely new, but it is absolutely not “more UX-focused” – The contrary is the case.

Security Colors - The Security colors have been updated with higher contrast so that they are more distinct from one another.

The problem between Null sec Red and Deep Low sec Red remains.

Updated Scrollbar - The scrollbar in Photon UI is now static and no longer expands and collapses when hovering over it.

Wow, that’s an actual good step in the right direction. I just hope you have made sure that the static scroll bar does not clip over text, right?

Window Margin Size - A setting that allows you to change the size of the margin and header on all windows. This option can be found in the General Settings section of the Settings menu.

This also removes the ridiculous padding between data rows inside the window, right? Right? Because that is still one of the most glaring issues with Photon. Removing the padding around the window edges and window headers is only a partial fix.


Please go away already


Please make the transparency setting for windows appereance work correct. When the slider is complete down there should be no transparency on windows. There are players who don’t like transparency or having a hard time reading a text when the background is transparent. Please respect that.


Or the Neocom bar.


Unfortunately Multiple Overviews only seem to work with Photon UI, which I consider unusable on smaller monitors due to all the wasteful spacing

That slider does absolutely nothing for me…

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The Neocom (and many windows) need more opacity options. In some rotations of the camera in space the Neocom is nearly invisible. I’m not even color blind and I cant see it due to the bright background space windowbox just glaring like a … literal sun through all contrast within the UI

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Speaking of UI: can we please Please PLEASE have in-game tooltips or onscreen reference to what the volume sliders control? Just combining all of the older options into these combined sliders does save space, but it also makes the sound a nightmare to deal with, because I never know what sound is associated with what slider? Esp confusing is the slider settings to have to turn off atmosphere, and minor sound effects but still be able to hear a gate/wormhole jump? Doubly esp so because those associations change every so often over the years. (I mean since about 2014 - remember those audio controls?)


The direction is brilliant. Lost custom column setting with the change : velocity replaced the transversal/angular what I used.

[EDIT] would be nice to remove/increase the 8 tab limitation

The filter/bracket and generally the menu options are much cleaner that they were

Multiple overviews is missing the ability to configure which columns are shown on the overview – if you were previously showing angular for example, it goes away when enabling multiple overviews

Multiple overviews OFF:

Multiple overviews ON:


This has been addressed in today’s patch

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Hello, multiple overview is very useful. It would be very helpful if the state of windows is preserved when I am switch between different overview profiles. I switch between incursion profile and some other profile quite often. When I am in incursion profile, I would like the beacons to be visible at all times without being pushed offscreen by sansha rats. The new feature is very useful for this purpose. But when a different overview settings are loaded, the window have to be re-detached every time.

It’s a minor issue. But would be nice if this is improved.

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Adding my post from the Photon UI feedback thread here since its live:

Live Game Bug after adding a new overview tab as separate window : Overview Settings menu is not loading/showing/updating the correct Filter’s Exception states

  • opening the Exceptions tab in Overview Settings Filters menu for an already selected filter, or trying to access it from the right click edit current option in the Overview does not load the correct filter’s Exception states.
  • trying to select a different filter does not change which filter’s Exceptions states are shown.
  • editing the selected filter name updates a different filter!

Example: I opened the default War Targets filter, it shows the Exceptions state from a different profile.

After adding a new overview tab with Filter-B loaded as separate window:
(1) Closing the Overview Settings, selecting/highlighting a different tab, and re-opening the menu seems to load the correct Filter-A state for that tab initially.
(2) The Select filter to edit drop down menu does not work for exceptions, the same filter’s exceptions remain loaded.
(3) Attempting to edit any exception state will update filter-A, followed by the menu instead showing exception states from a different Filter-B (one recently added as separate window). Further changes to this unexpected Filter-B work ‘correctly’ (the menu still incorrectly displays as editing Filter-A). It is not possible to get the overview menu to show or edit a different filter unless step 1 is repeated.

- JUST TRIED THE TYPES TAB, all the above applies to type filters as well - Once you edit any of the types any further changes are always made to the filter in the separate window instead of the one you might expect. (and breaks the select all buttons / right click menus until you re-open)

Highly recommend communicating to players not to touch their overview types or exceptions if they are using separate overview windows, or to make an overview export before doing so. The menu will no longer accurately show the current or expected results, and you are very likely to mess up your overviews.

Thank you CCP for this update, this is going to be a huge quality of life improvement. Here’s some feedback and bugs I noticed.

Improvement ideas:

  • More tabs (I could easily use two more).
  • A way to order tabs, I haven’t figured out how to do so yet, very annoying. You already have a window for ordering columns, do the same for tabs.
  • A different unit for angular velocity. Radiants per second is nice and all, but the noise to information ratio when reading 0.00014 or 0.00002 is very high. I don’t need all those extra zeros.
    See how easy you can read the velocity?
  • An option to lock the overview layout (column sizes and sorting order).
  • A way to normalize column sizes across a window.


  • Sometimes, in the overview settings window, when right clicking a category, and clicking “Deselect all”, it will do so … for the wrong tab preset. I feel like it’s happening when the “other tab” was the last tab focused while in space.
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They also accidentally the whole column control. I miss tag column.

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Dear CCP,

If you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to make this feature to work nicely and handly - Please!

Do so players can link and share the TABS by drag and dropping them to chat. Or something similarly easy and not requiring 100500 clicks…
and that clicking on the linked TAB - user will get it opened on their screen right away. as new tab.

it will allow players to quickly and issue free exchange the overview, if needed, even in combat.

P1 - ***it they brought ECM, I don’t have them in my overview!
P2 - here <ECM_Tab>
P1 - Thanks! proceeds with engagement

no need to overwrite player1’s whole overview. quick and easy overview filter exchange.

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After enabling Multi Overview, you lose the ability to right click on a tab and:

Load defaults to tab
Load preset brackets to tab

And you can reload a preset, such as if I remove wrecks from “General”, I can reload “General” to get them back.
You show “General - Not Saved” and you removed “General”. There is no way to get “General” back.

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I started using Multiple Over Views and went to edit my PvP Drones Only Tab, and When under the "filters → “Exceptions” Tab, I clicked (By accident) the “Filter out” Bubble for “Pilot is in your non capsuleer corporation” and it moved (seemingly at random, Multiple other bubbles from default, to Filter out or always show, and when I try to click the “default bubble” to move them back, It will not allow me to move those bubbles.

Edit: Reproduced several Times now, Exceptions page seems to have a bug that changes what you have bubbled in, but if closed and reopened, It reverts to its saved setting. If you change them, it then changs to another setting, but i cant figure out if its random, or going to another tabs settings

With MO enabled the additional columns (tag, transversal, angular,radial) are no longer present and the ability to add/remove any columns is no longer present in overview settings. No bueno.