[Photon UI] Feature Preview - Multiple Overviews Feedback Thread

A new and more UX-focused color library, with new color themes

Have you? The UX with Photon has gotten worse compared to the existing UI for various reasons:

  • active Chat tabs are now harder to see
  • new activity in Chats or other tabs is much more visible than the active tabs, which is confusing and not something that “get used to” can fix.
  • The window highlights for active windows is completely gone when you alt tab between clients
  • The very noticeable color palettes from the existing UI are completely gone, which makes identifying different clients much harder.
  • Column dividers, expandable category header border, among other things are much harder to discern than in the existing UI because they were completely removed.

Only a few examples why Photon’s UX is worse than the existing UI’s. It is definitely new, but it is absolutely not “more UX-focused” – The contrary is the case.

Security Colors - The Security colors have been updated with higher contrast so that they are more distinct from one another.

The problem between Null sec Red and Deep Low sec Red remains.

Updated Scrollbar - The scrollbar in Photon UI is now static and no longer expands and collapses when hovering over it.

Wow, that’s an actual good step in the right direction. I just hope you have made sure that the static scroll bar does not clip over text, right?

Window Margin Size - A setting that allows you to change the size of the margin and header on all windows. This option can be found in the General Settings section of the Settings menu.

This also removes the ridiculous padding between data rows inside the window, right? Right? Because that is still one of the most glaring issues with Photon. Removing the padding around the window edges and window headers is only a partial fix.


Please go away already


Please make the transparency setting for windows appereance work correct. When the slider is complete down there should be no transparency on windows. There are players who don’t like transparency or having a hard time reading a text when the background is transparent. Please respect that.


Or the Neocom bar.

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Unfortunately Multiple Overviews only seem to work with Photon UI, which I consider unusable on smaller monitors due to all the wasteful spacing

Stat slider does absolutely nothing for me…

The Neocom (and many windows) need more opacity options. In some rotations of the camera in space the Neocom is nearly invisible. I’m not even color blind and I cant see it due to the bright background space windowbox just glaring like a … literal sun through all contrast within the UI

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Speaking of UI: can we please Please PLEASE have in-game tooltips or onscreen reference to what the volume sliders control? Just combining all of the older options into these combined sliders does save space, but it also makes the sound a nightmare to deal with, because I never know what sound is associated with what slider? Esp confusing is the slider settings to have to turn off atmosphere, and minor sound effects but still be able to hear a gate/wormhole jump? Doubly esp so because those associations change every so often over the years. (I mean since about 2014 - remember those audio controls?)

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