[Photon UI] Feature Preview - Multiple Overviews Feedback Thread

You have to right click on each tab to add remove, or click a dif option to open a new page to re-order those tabs as well.

It is a pain in the butt.

Would be much easier if we could click and drag the tabs out like any other tab (for main tabs, like general, PvP, Drones, Loot, Mining, etc),Including moving each tab to one of the seperate overview windows, instead of having to click through a tree to move it to a dif overview tab or a new one)

Edit: Overview settings are broken, They keep pulling The wrong “Exceptionsf” and moving automatically, even after closing and opening, or swapping to a differnet Preset to adjust.

Seems to be the largest issue IM noticing with it but when it does this it also comes up and says my changes are unsaved… well I didnt want those exceptions from my fleet window on my PvP Reds Window…

Wasnt this tested on the test server first? How does such a major bug get past testing phase?

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A lot of space gets taken up by everything from the title bar to the column headings that I don’t necessarily want to duplicate across multiple windows.

I’d like to see a horizontal break in the existing list between different filters or maybe some options to collapse some of those elements.

Even if windows had a display order that could be locked so they could be stacked like a hand of cards partially covering each other but clicking on them didn’t bring them to the front.

I’m unable to find the column selection to add tags back in. That’s kind of a deal-killer for me.

It’s now in the right click menu of the tab. Right click a tab and go to “columns”. Supposedly, they did this because column settings are now tab specific and do not apply to all overview tabs like in the past.

Would have been nice if they mentioned this in the Patch Notes, the piece of information that is supposed to list all changes made to the game. Listing all changes made to Photon is particularly important because of all the “valuable” feedback from players that CCP undoubtedly listened to.

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Yeah, I found that finally after someone in game pointed me to it. Not sure how I missed it since I right clicked to tinker with the presets but still glad it’s there. :slight_smile:

@CCP_Swift Will this be coming to the old UI aswell or will we be forced to use Photon to have multiple overviews.

From my understanding, elements of the tech that enables multiple overviews is exclusive to Photon

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That’s right, without this ability it is unthinkable to use the new Overview, I can’t even see the tag that the fleet leader has put on each objective.

These two would be brilliant additions!

The former would be great since I sometimes don’t know which overview window is the one selected for “currently active tab” for D-scan purposes. I am currently finding myself left-clicking on the one I want my D-scan to use just to not miss any ships on D-scan. (My other overview window does not have ships shown)

The latter would be great, to have more than 8 overview tabs available to use (Although maybe don’t make it tied to skillbooks? I believe that was a tongue-in-cheek comment). It’s more important now that we can have multiple overview windows.

Still maintaining my old thread because there was no thread on launch.

Still having struggles with dscan and brackets picking which window is in charge.

Overview visibility is a bad way to add/remove things from overview, should be changed.

still having inconsistent reactions in the ‘exceptions’ list, I cannot narrow it down on why it sometimes goes unresponsive. Not an every person problem, mostly just overview maintainers.

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Bit more feedback, hope it helps:

  1. When undocking focus doesn’t go to the window I expect, and as a result dscan isn’t working as expected. Primarily for this reason I disabled the preview. After a few times I wasn’t ready for that in the middle of engagements. I think it gave focus to the most recently created overview window?
  2. Reenabled again to try and create a ‘fleet members only’ overview. Encountered a few major issues, a couple of which felt like bugs. At one point, heading into an engagement no ships were displaying on my “primary” overview. I was surprised and I thought I was disabling tags/background on filter “A”, but turns out I was editing filter “B”. I’ve since disabled the preview again because of a few things outlined below:
  • “Save filter type as” doesn’t seem to exist, or it’s hidden, or I couldn’t find it. Was also actively hunting/active with targets. I thought it was a right click on the tab, and I thought it also was a button inside the overview settings / filter editor. Couldn’t find it.
  • I’m fairly positive I selected overview setttings/edit filter for the overview window that had my ‘fleet only’ filter, but ended up editing something different, or I modified a feature that applies to all filters, and not just the filter I was editing (although I don’t think so or wouldn’t expect it).
  • Sometimes, the dropdown inside of Overview Settings for choosing an overview filter was frozen, and wouldn’t open it.
  • Would be great to have some fuzzy-match-search on the filter dropdown because I’m looking for one overview in what feels like 100 because of z-s + defaults + random edits I’ve made over time.


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Can we get more than 8 tabs?

The multiple overviews time is something I have been waiting for.
I tried it out but was disappointed that the column settings were fixed to defaults.

It would be nice to be able to change column settings, even if the same settings apply to all windows.

You can change the columns – it’s now on tab right-click (I think).

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since you’re tweaking the UI can we get a better mouse cursor that doesn’t disappear completely in a bright area of space. even just a single line of black bordering around the old cursor would be a massive improvement.

The Directional Scanner window needs to remember which Overview Window and which Tab in it was most recently active.

Currently the Directional Scanner is broken for multiple overviews if you have dscan set to use active overview as filter: After jumping/undocking d-scan defaults to using the filters from the last active tab in the newest separate overview window, instead of the last active tab across all overview windows.

Result: after jumping/docking your d-scan no longer shows what you expected unless the last active tab was in the newest separate window.

What the Directional Scanner window should be doing is track and default to the last active tab across all separate overviews, or perhaps easier: it should keep the current filter stored rather than trying to find the last active one and reloading / applying it after jumps/docks, and only load a new filter when a different overview tab is marked active (no matter in which separate window).

Additional Suggestion: currently only clicking the header of an overview tab changes the active overview filter for d-scanning. Clicking it accurately can be a bit annoying and if you already have separate windows it might be nice to have a setting that makes clicking anywhere in an overview tab (like selecting a ship row entry) mark it as the active tab. Would have be a toggle, some people would hate me for making their d-scan filter change when they select stuff on their overview :slightly_smiling_face:.

Separated overviews should be stored per character and not per account. Ideally which filter is loaded in which tab, and which tab was active should also be stored per character.

Right now moving a tab to a new separate overview window on one character also creates a separate overview for other characters on the same account. And in reverse moving a separated overview tab back into another overview window does so for all characters on the account.

You seem to already store their position per character since they can be in customized locations, but this should be extended to whether they are separated in the first place and what’s in them. Not being able to customize that is inconvenient for characters that very likely need to do different things.

currently I have to hide separated overviews (and move their filters around) if I do not want them taking up the extra screen space on a specific character, but that leaves me with less tabs to work with. I cant remove it because then it’s gone from the other character where I do want it separated from the others.