[Photon UI] Feature Preview - Multiple Overviews Feedback Thread

Not sure if this is the right place to complain, but can we have the option to disable d-scan filters back? Preferably somewhere at the top of the selection?
There are times when i wanna know what my current-overview-filter just filtered out, without going through all possible other filters

Just tried using multiple overviews for the first time.
First, a more clear way to open a new window would be great. Had to google and find a video to find out i had to right click on the tab and move to a new window.
Second, an easier way to reorder tabs, instead of having to copy paste and change settings.
Third, single overview and multi overview don’t seem to save tabs page settings between them, which leads me to an issue i found.

When trying to edit overview settings in multiple overview, my pc seems to be throttling down and the ui becomes almost unusable. Almost as if i’ve clicked out of my client on to my other monitor. With issue 3 above this becomes quite problematic to adjust the settings.

Nice feature,

Please add ‘Stop showing all bracket’ back,
Brackets settings was
-Show all Brackets
-Hide all Brackets
-Stop Showing all Brackets


Hello, I recently tried to use the new UI (Photon Plan), but I found that the font of the new UI was too white and bright when getting the task description, resulting in very dazzling. I hope we can improve it to make it less dazzling.