Photon UI -- missing table width elements in several windows

Adding a few UI errors to the list:

Table spacing width elements – the little ‘|’ markets that go down the entire table, such as the D-scan window, Overview, ship inventory, probe window, etc. are missing for items that are inside the table.

In addition, several windows have missing UI adjusting elements – the little ‘|’ separator between columns that you can click and drag to resize each column. The D-scan window and ship inventory have them correctly, but the probe scan window and overview do not.

Note that in both below examples, the mouse is clicked and held with the ‘<->’ mouse icon for the table resize feature.

Example of table spacer missing:
Table Lines
Example of table spacer (note that mouse must be held over it with window clicked/highlighted to view)
eve - table spacer linesjpg

For the error, these elements missing in several of the windows makes things highly inconsistent and a real pain in the rear to resize the columns.

Secondly, an option to have the column separators VISIBLE at all times (vice table randomly cutting off into nothing) would be very helpful. It is good to know whether text is being truncated, and in which column they lie – instead of the invisible separators that leave a lot of this up to spacing and opening up spacing issues in photon causing additional confusion.

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In addition, the D-scan angle slider and the distance slider are buggy. If I click and hold on the edge of the slider, it highlights as if I can drag it, and then it fails to drag with the mouse. If I click in the center, it works normally.
It is also quite small relative to the size of other UI elements, and can be challenging to precisely click on it to drag it to the correct size — this UI element really needs to be made larger.

This issue gets greatly exacerbated in UI scaling set to above 100% (include the default 125%) and gets worse as the UI gets scaled higher.

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