Photon UI - Now in Beta (Opt-Out)

The only good thing about this new UI is the opt-out button. The reasons have been repeated many times above. Please just remove it.


Rather than repeat what was already posted - agree the new look is horrible for all the afore mentioned reasons.

I’ll add this as new - I jumped on at lunch for 20 minutes not knowing about the changes. Was like what the heck happened to my screen real estate!!! Fortunately a corp mate was on and directed me how to turn it off. It is off and will remain off.


the white HP Bar in the drones window are far to bright. The white of the system your are in is far better.
The white in the speed bar should like the white in the drone window. Now it’s hard to read those numbers.
The white shown in space for structures and all other thing may become a bit brighter somewhere between the 2 white currently being used.

Please remove the option that the chat window title are changing size once you swap to another tab. makes you look every time you want to swap a tab.

The broadcast tokens in the fleet window are way to big. make this changeable or just make them a bit smaller.

Make the backlight disable available to the neocom menu bar.

also who came up with the idea to move allot of buttons around while they were perfect where they are?
Also make the return probes more visible as this this is being used a bit more than you would think.

edit added:
also please remove the options to set order for your drones from the drone window when they are out in space. makes it really hard to move them to groups or to pull them in one by one. also remove the big pop-up window you get when you hover over them.
nobody asked for these two options and nobody is ever going to need them there.

also put back the hamburger menu from fleet into the title area so you don’t have to have the fleet tab active to do for example regroup

also the loot all buttons doesn’t show in compact mode. this really blows my mind

As a multiboxer i obviously like a space efficient UI.

  1. The selected item window takes far more space.
    The where kinda big already, but now i cant have the small preview windows at the same size

  2. The warping to a new site Popup is pretty ugly, with the super wide border and offers no compact option. Why?

  3. When i hit “Undock” in a station, the button jumps around? Like clicking the undock seems to make it a tiny bit wider, so it suddently has to move the button a line below.

Bravo CCP. I really like the improvements that were made. Bravo

Fix. The Wasted. Space. Holy carp, CCP. This is not new. This is not something you’re unaware of. The CSM’s mentioned this to you as well.


…at this point it’s like watching a seal club itself.


Photon looks fine, just give me my Sansha color scheme

Also, Photon just does not work properly on my 17 inch screened laptop, the boxes end up being so big that they dont all fit, they only just fit on the classic UI. Would maybe be kinda cool on a 40 inch or above screen, but not on any laptop.


How long has it been since the new Character Sheet was introduced?

It’s still a terribly designed window that breaks when docked to make it similar to the older version of it.

2022-10-11 16_50_52-EVE - Inosu Ichosira

The top tabs are compressed on the right side when the window is docked. If the window is undocked about ~1/3rd of it is entirely wasted showing me a beyond useless 3D model of my character, with some mostly redundant and/or useless information on top of it.

Simply change the toggle button on the 3D character model to hide the model and not the window that has literally all of the important information in it.

Overall PhotonUI still isn’t as good as the current UI but it’s slowly getting there. Cutting out more of the wasted space and shrinking some of the excessive window borders would go a long way towards making it more usable.

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I rolled back from Photon UI after about 10 minutes, because it limits what I can see simultaneously too much. I frequently do exploration and am a drone boat user (not just in high sec), which means my in-space critical open windows include:

  • Overview
  • Local Chat
  • D-scan
  • Probes Window
  • Drone Window
  • System Map
    With the old UI I had (just) enough space for my screen resolution with UI size set to smallest and then scaled to 90%, text fonts reduced, and compact use of info columns. The new UI - in spite of having some positives - simply can’t replicate this while letting me see my ship / what system I’m in / what modules are active. Which regrettably makes it fundamentally inferior for how I play.

Also, the larger Neocom icons mean that when in space my most-used ones no longer fit down the left edge and end up in an extra drop down at the bottom.

I wouldn’t mind the new UI if it at least presents the same data as the previous one. Currently, Photon UI doesn’t manage this.



Opted out. I simply looks terrible.

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Hello CCP I Suffer from a form of color deficiency known as Deuteranopia. It has came to my attention that you’ve changed the System colors in the new Photon UI. This is a simple request to keep them as they are in the original UI.

I’ve grown use to the colors of the systems I even attempted to move to the color blind Client option when It came out. but the “Muscle memory” has remained. the Color difference between the .5 and .4 systems in photon is far to close together. I literally cannot tell the difference. if this change goes through I will be forced to use the color blind UI simply because you’ve changed it. i cannot tell the difference please dont do this.

This is a change in search of a problem. I seriously doubt anyone has complained about the System colors. they are fine the way they are. please… please pleaseeeee do not change them.


You asked me to share my reason to opt out from Photon UI. Thats why i am opt out.

CCP. I ask myself, why you whant to change the graphical UI ? Why ? Whats wrong whith current UI ? You think, if you change it, you make new game ? I think not. Many people used to actual UI, for many reasons. For me it’s soft color palette, clearly visible window frame, entourage that many interesting things. In my opinion new PhotonUI its like flat design, with element of monochrome and cold that repels more than attracts. Next, a few moments that caught my eye in the first minutes:

Some bugs in russian localization:

And in current UI several window has a black not transparent background.
In Photon UI i think all windows has black transparent and not colored faction background. It’s bad, very, very bad. Get it back please!

By now, i am switch to Omega UI back. Hope you keep that option until the Photon becomes the same as the current one.

P.S. If you want your text to be unreadable, write white text on a black background. :slight_smile:

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Information density in the Photon UI is in my opinion too low.
Windows are too bulky and the only option to make them kind of usable is enabling the “enable compact mode” which disables all window’s controls (close, minimize, maximize) that are usually to be found in the top right corner.
Could you please bring them back in the compact mode?


  1. Too much padding everywhere.
  2. Compact mode isn’t compact.
  3. Too much padding.
  4. Drone window is giant.
  5. Too much padding.
  6. Button locations that have been the same since I played in 2013 being moved around. - Why? Other than more clicks, what’s the benefit here? Only hurts user experience.
  7. Too much padding.
  8. I think the changes are quite pleasing to the eye, however lets keep it to desktop theme, not mobile.
  9. Too much padding.
  10. Add global compact mode, and make them actually compact and 90% of all complaints go away.
  11. Too much padding.
  12. Too… okay I’ve stressed it enough, make things smaller.

Zork o7


I LOVE the Photon UI! It’s so much cleaner than that thick, clunky-looking old one. I’ve been playing with it for about a month now, and look forward to upcoming tweeks.

As for tweeks, here are my suggestions:
1.) Once a window is locked in place, please make it stay at that location, and not cascade if it’s opened on top of another window. It’s locked in that spot for a reason. Not locked? cascade away.
2.) Add a Loot All button to the compact mode of the “in-space” Inventory window. There’s room in the title bar.
3.) Also, if you could put the estimated value of the cargo in that title bar, in compact mode.
4.) A keyboard shortcut for Loot All would be awesome! I guess that’s not a thing yet due to fears of botting? Whatever, a botter is gonna bot. Just catch him and destroy all his stuff.
5.) A keyboard shortcut to toggle the Drones window open/closed.
6.) Make like windows appear in the same location, once one is set. The best example of this is that all Career Agent windows open at a default spot in the middle of the screen. To move them, you have to move the window for every individual Career Agent, (and possibly other Agents). That’s 5 Agents x 3 newbro systems x 4 empires = 60 windows, which are all essentially the same thing. This is also true of their Journal window (the one that opens when you hit the ?).
7.) Sometimes the Ship Hangar or Item Hangar, or both, windows aren’t there when docked. Toggling compact mode makes them appear.
8.) There are several interrogative windows that open, and display options for locking them in place, but that doesn’t work. They repop at the default position in the middle of the screen.

I noticed the new container windows for wrecks and Anomaly, Gas, Data, and Relic sites. I like it! It allows me to keep the (in space) Inventory window in compact mode all the time, and the looting containers in normal mode, with the Loot All button. Once emptied, the window disappears.

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Why did you guys hide the minimize stack button? Was it being out in the open too easy and user friendly?

You also REALLY need to add a global compact mode button in the overall menu and not make me hunt for it on every menu on every alt.


I had to opt out because the UI is too bulky, even in compact mode. I have a small laptop screen and it’s taken a long time to find a position and size for each window that displays the necessary info. Even then, my view of space is a small square in the middle of the screen, not much larger than the tactical overlay circle when zoomed right out.

I welcome a new UI, but for me it’s essential to keep the same window sizes, font sizes and amount of displayed info as the old UI, otherwise it’s a downgrade. I appreciate the continued effort to improve the game and hope that the final version has the option to keep the windows the same size as the old UI or smaller, while showing equal or more info.


I’ve spoken against the recent UI changes repeatedly. But thanks.

Please explain how it’s a step forward. There’s more wasted space, there’s no additional functionality, and much of the interface seems a regression to being less useful, not more. Not all change is good - and this change is NOT good.

Regarding shaping the future - CCP have repeatedly failed to listen to the players on this. What makes you think they’ll listen now?

I’ve given plenty of feedback - both here and in support/bug fix/etc tickets. I can count on the fingers on a single hand the number of times in the last ~12 years that I’ve had a direct response to that feedback, or seen changes to the game that reflect the fact that the changes or bugs are relevant.

So did I. And I’ve always gone back to the original interface because the Photon interface is either a retrograde step or requires more effort than a paying customer should be asked to make to make the game playable. I am all for the game mechanics being challenging, but the interface changes are making even just sitting in a station and spinning your ship harder (because the new interface hurts your eyes.

CCP have been told repeatedly that the direction they’re taking their interface in is a backwards step. It’s nowhere near ready - it’s unfinished, it’s inconsistent, it has glaring problems - and now they’re thrusting it down everyone’s throats - sure, they’ll get feedback now, but I suspect the feedback they need most will be the number of people who make an effort with it, then just go back to the classic interface.

One of the joys of Eve is that it’s a complex game. On a given ship I might have ~10 modules to activate at various times in various combinations in response to a variety of inputs. I get that making decisions about what to do to a particular input should be challenging - but that should be in terms of mental stimulation, not in terms of fighting the interface.

Yes, there are other games that have bold, space-wasting, in-your-face interfaces - but in those games you’re generally dealing with less complex situations and have less options to worry about (choose a weapon, blast away with it, or run).

How about we reverse this - if you like it, you say so, then shut up. Let the rest of us who have genuine issues with it try to communicate them, and hopefully see some improvement.