Photon UI - Now in Beta (Opt-Out)

Typical of changes to various UI’s done these days this seems to be just something doe to make it look different rather than doing something to make it work better.
Less information available whilst simultaneously making it more difficult to see the information and having what there is take up more space on your desktop.
Total and utter FAIL


+4 I can’t play the game with this new UI. I was about to start canceling all my accounts until I realized it’s a feature flag and could be disabled. It physically gives me headaches and hurts my eyes.

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Aura’s insistence on popping her head in on every click in the AIR Career Program window is irritating AF.

This is especially true if one shrinks the window down to minimum dimensions (to safe space), because she covers up two of the sub-categories.

We can see her face right there, and can click on it if we need help. There’s no need for her to be so attention hungry.


Just for anyone following along who thinks any of this feedback is new and that people are being unduly critical…

In September 2021 (so over 12 month ago), CCP introduced the new skills interface and the new character information window. The same feedback (it’s too large, too much dead space, it shows less information in a larger window, critical information is missing, it’s inconsistent with other aspects of the interface, it slows things down [lowered FPS]) was given then. Thankfully at that stage it was only two windows, and windows that are rarely open for long when playing.

For context, go read this thread: Version 19.08 - General Feedback

~13 months later, the same mistakes are being made - and now forced on people as a “beta” where the every single aspect of the interface STILL has the same problems.


In the Drone menu I can’t figure out how to tell who my drones are assisting and guarding with the new UI.


This new UI hurts my eyes, literally. After a few minutes using it I started feeling queasy and after about 10 minutes had a headache. I have given it a go several times, but each time the same. I am unable to use this new UI.


The old UI is way better than this. The only good thing is the possibility to opt out from the Photon UI. Too bad we are not given the same option with the new skill UI which is a nuisance as well.

CCP, if you really want to improve the game a good start might be to listen to player suggestions (e.g. vide the thorough analysis Dark Shines made recently here on your forums and on reddit) instead of wasting manpower on stuff nobody has asked for and nobody wants.


People and Places seems to be missing “Locations” in Proton … just me?

I can’t even begin to test it b/c it’s missing all the bookmarks I use. Yes I know there are other ways to get the BM’s but I’ve been using people/places for 10+ years.

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Пожалуйста оставьте возможность пользоваться как старой картой так и старым интерфейсом.
Я в игре 11 лет , я с большой болью воспринял изменение иконок кораблей, а изменение внешности Химеры меня в гнало в депрессию на месяц.

Please leave the option to use both the old map and the old interface.
I’ve been in the game for 11 years, I took the change in the icons of the ships with great pain, and the change in the appearance of the Chimera drove me into depression for a month.

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This information appears to have been removed in (or rather not carried over to) the Photon UI.

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So, so many bugs. I had to opt out. I can’t even simulate a fitted ship properly. Anytime I hover over a module, it shows a ghost of it in the appropriate slot, but then I can’t actually drag and drop anything in that slot as the simulation thinks the ghosted module is actually being simulated.

Between that and how glitchy things are when loading now, I had to opt out.


After using the new UI for bit longer I have some extra feedback.

  • I often click on the scroll bar to take me directly to the point in a view I wish to interact with, especially if it is a long view like a container full of modules. This does not work with Photon UI as the scroll bar is invisible, and impossible to hit with the mouse. Scrolling to find things is tedious and unnecessary.
  • The drone window. The ship I was flying has 3 drones and the window is already full, how people cope when flying a ship with multiple sets of drones I don’t know. You need to be able to see the health of multiple sets of drones, to do this with the new UI will take up a huge amount of screen space.

Yeah that is super anoying the ghost module when fitting ships

Just a thought, but if the new UI is aimed at simplifying matters for newer players then why not have it as a default starting option, and folks can switch up to the more expert UI when they feel ready for it at a pace that suits them?

Forcibly downgrading the older UI for more experienced players may lead to greater player attrition than the benefits gained from any potential new recruits. (There can surely be no question the new UI is proving a retrograde step for many as things stand).

And if the new UI eventually develops to a facility that makes it the better option, folks can switch over.

Give the players the choice. Nobody loses if they have a choice.



CCPls fix it
too easy to missclick range/angle dscan, especially during the fight, when you need all doing fast.


The more i played with the PUI, the more i didnt want to play. I understand that some like it and some hate it. So long as we can continue to opt out of it, everyone should be happy.


You are missing the point. The entire point of this photon UI is to REMOVE THE OLD UI.

In which case, we need to make it clear to CCP that the PUI is POO UI.


One can just link the files to a master file.

It does have minor bugs, with some things defaulting to the last char logged-in (like contracts search box), but that is easily fixed by selecting the correct char from the search dropdowns.

My 2017(!!) post:

how is he missing the point if he said that photon ui is fine to implement into the game only if there is still a option to use the old ui as well? thats was exactly his point, dont implement it to replace the old ui, implement only as ui alternative

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after playing with photon ui for quite some time now, its not bad, not bad at all…i have no doubt that in its final, bugless polished version its gonna be great…that said, ccp…DO NOT FORCE THIS ON PEOPLE…your original ui is great as well, and what makes a games ui great is having customizability and options for each user’s preferences…this is how you keep players and attract new ones…you give them all more options to chose from for their needs in your product. totally removing the old ui would be another big blow to the foundations that make eve an awesome game