Photon UI - Now in Beta (Opt-Out)

Will Photon UI also be opt-out even after the beta?


Please do share your reasoning for opting out:

Because it looks like a mobile game UI
the density of information is too low
the drop shadows on all text is triring for my eyes
Why were the UI windows / chat windows background opacity changed ?
Locations are now blue for some ■■■■■■■ reason instead of a nice visable white
The fact that you need to compact mode to get any part of the overview into a usable state
Who decided to add p-4 to every ui element ? padding dosnt make everything prettier


It’s bad. Also forcing it on update is low…


the reason i opt out on tranquility is because it feels horrible whenever i force myself to try it out.

(1) so much wasted space, just like the skills window and agency. (and compact mode is a lie)

(2) The bloody drone tab fills half my freaking screen! just revert it, the brainiac who thought aligning the drones in space folder to the bottom needs to find a new hobby.

(3) why did you change system locations shortcut “L” to be the main locations shortcut?!!?!?

(4) your blinking chat cursor SUCCCCCCCKS

(5) do you not realize how important the minimize window button is? so don’t hide it behind another click!

(6) why in god’s name do i have to click twice to open inventory sidebar?!?! and who the hell thought having the options to view the inventory differently front and center to be more important than the former?!?!

(7) oh, and probably not last but definitely not least…0.4 sec color code is…almost yellow now


Hello there…

I will give my 2 cents

Window Borders:
The new boxes is way to big, and i can only imagine if are running on a lower resolution, then it takes even more of your total window.

Fleet Drop down menu:
Its now hidden in the small dots along with “lock window options” etc…
Keep the 3dots for that, and let everything ells be some where els.

Fleet window buttons… “broadcast etc are now hidden” if your fleet window isnt taking up huge space.

Just an example of the borders


Conclusion without sounding to negative = Disabled until that’s not an option anymore…


+1 here…
I sincerely hope so…


I instantly opted out. This ui is horrible beyond comprehension.

As someone with a mere 1080p monitor every pixel is precious in eve. Photon UI spits on that and wastes SO MUCH SPACE like it’s made for some cheap mobile game. Can’t say anything about the performance though, but I don’t intend to find out.


Immediate opt-out. It looks like you’re trying to make it look like it was meant for a mobile game. While you’re at it, give those of us who want to keep the old UI our old skill menu back…


Information density is too low. I own over 100 ships in my staging, and only 4 per row are visible in my hangar on the new UI.
Finding anything is a pain.
I need to change everything to “compact” mode, and I don’t intend finding out where that option is available and where it is not. Sort out the default options for the transition or it will be a pain and noone whose opinion could be meaningful will want to test it out.

Also the color scheme makes it less readable than the old UI, maybe I can change it within the new UI. But I can make it less painful by sticking to the old one.

Just get some CSM members / long time [preferably pvp] players to list the issues they have with the readability of the UI. Like literally hire someone who can compare the experience and usability instead of an out-of-game UI expert that will want things pretty and mobile-trendy


Window borders are horrible. Lose the line that highlights the window tabs… make it like we have now. Put the loot button back to the bottom left.


It’s horrible - like something a 5 year old child would like.

Now how do I change it back??


It is really really really bad. Turned it off as fast as possible.


Очень не нравится этот интерфейс, потому что в большинстве окон отсутствует возможность отключить прозрачность. Это очень отвлекает ,когда тебе приходится напрягать зрение, чтобы прочитать информацию на прозрачном фоне. Если будет добавлена возможность сделать любое окно непрозрачным ,то это будет здорово


I really don’t like this interface because most of the windows don’t have the option to turn off transparency. It’s very distracting when you have to strain your eyes to read information on a transparent background. If it’s possible to make any window opaque, that would be great


Also opted out on it immediately. The massive amount of buffer space on elements is the first impulse I had for wanting to do so - it worsens the already-bad screen real estate problem that the client has.

In addition to the above, I also noted:

  • UI elements actually looked worse (the training progress circle looked like crap)
  • already at the lowest scaling value possible, text and other elements still feel more inflated than previous UI
  • [edit: adding this] overview windows on one client did not appear to have divisor lines for various columns, removing all visual guidelines; I forgot to check this on a secondary client on different computer

Ways to improve this: provide controls for text, and the window buffer spacing.


Why was this enabled without my permission? Why did it reset / delete all of my prior UI settings so that now I have to spend time putting everything back to how I wanted it before you screwed it up?


Because it’s ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ and because you force all these “new” features on us which just make it harder to multibox.
Chat System. Crappy and unreliable.
DX11. FPS dop.
64-bit client. FPS drop.
Reflections which I can’t disable. FPS drop.
Photon UI. Usability drop.
Removal of Bounties. No FPS or ping gain.
Activity Tracker. FPS drop.
The Agency. FPS drop.
New Character Sheet & Skills pages. FPS drop.
Hypernet. FPS drop.


Wow, what a hot mess Photon is.

Why is there not a single consistent design across all windows (or at least a compact design, and a not compact design - though frankly, just stick with compact). Why is compact mode not available for all windows?

Why has information been removed from the drone interface (you used to be able to hover over a drone or group and know what they were doing - assisting fleet member X, guarding fleet member Y, etc). That’s gone.

What does “Enable Light Background” do? Because it doesn’t change what the windows look like for me.


Why in a dark interface are the white bars for my drones so bright? The contrast is excessive.

That’s just initial thoughts. I’m sure more will be discovered.


In the Probe Scanner window, the “Recover Probes” button should be larger and possibly it’s own button again. The current size makes it harder to press than how vital and used this button actually is.


I am not a fan of the Photon UI. The neon flashing colors of where the curser is for text is very distracting. The brighter colors on buttons and tabs are not really helpful. Overall, this feels very distracting. Also does not seem scale one bit with any UI settings. It seems it was designed for a user using a tablet. Overall, I hate this Photon UI and I find it very ugly and not very aesthetic pleasing. The script seems too harsh to me. I prefer something softer like Ariel script.


■■■■■■ up your interface became impossible to play