Photon UI - TQ Feedback Thread

I just started using the UI. I love it. Very pleasing to the eye and works great. The only thing that annoys me is the placement of the board corvette button. I think it is just a matter of getting used to though. Good work!

not sure if this was posted before but the station UI is bugged. All my ships/stuff appear in a list doen the left rather than tiles. V.annoying

@CCP_Paragon I’m still annoyed by the in-station item/ship hangar single row bug, any update on this fix? Overall I really like this new look and the feel of the Photon UI, but this single row bug is not cool to have and probably disturbs the hell out of the experience for these new players.

I believe the “Board my Corvette” button should be smaller, it is not used that much.
I’d add a “Leave ship” button instead, which is used a lot, especially by those who switch clone often

Just gave it a try on TQ. Use case: 3+ characters online at the same time, lots of open windows as I need multiple sources of information presented at all times.

I turned it off after some minutes, because everything’s just so… massive? Too zoomed in? I don’t know how to describe it in a better way, but the point is that it felt like my screen became half the size of what it was. And I can’t have that - I barely managed to put everything I need on screen, with some windows having tabs.

With that said, I loved the way it looked in terms of aesthetics! I feel like if you could achieve the same levels of compact(ness?), it’d be an astounding success.


Thanks everyone for all your efforts on making Photon UI the best it can be.

With the launch of Compact Windows on TQ in patch 20.06 there is a new thread feedback thread which can be found HERE.