PI: Ability to move multiple mines simultaneously

I tend to keep the mines in my Planetary Industry in about the same formation each time, closely grouped into a circular pattern usually - it would be nice if I could move more than one mining node at a time, perhaps with a Alt+Click option to select multiple and then move them?

Edit to add:
Another way this could be useful - if you have stacked mines due to the resources overlapping, you could select the mining controller (sorry, I forget the name and am not currently in-game) and then Alt+Click+Drag to select the area around all of the mining nodes, and it would just select the ones belonging to that controller, allowing you to lift the whole batch up and move it around a bit.

I have done this overlapping a few times in my Eve career, and it is difficult to locate which node belongs to which controller sometimes - this would make it easy to identify (and select) them.

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pokes thread back up - any feedback on this anyone?..

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