PI Factory Not Sync'ed and Resets

Hello I have a P1-P4 Factory planet.
I import P1 goods and move them to each factory to make P2 then P3 then P4.
I route all the goods in&out through storage so there shouldn’t be any delay.

So when I start my factory all of them should be in sync with the production time.
However time to time some factories are not in sync or got delayed or bugged.
When I logout and relog and check the factories the production timer resets back to 0:00
Tested after staying online for 10 mins and logout n relog and it resets again.

Is this a known bug or is there something wrong with my PI setup?

perhaps a full storage or overloaded link is causing missing materials? my factories instantly start and continue running as long as their routing source storage has materials

100% not a full storage.
Does link go overloaded overtime?
Cause my factories has been running perfectly fine for the last 2-3 days

i first did it likes this
p1 launchpad - p2 factories
p2 - p3 - p4
had some delays so i thought some materials got lost in transport somehow

so i changed it to
p1 launchpad to p2 factories
p2 - storage - p3
p3 - storage - p4
so there should be no way for any p1-p2-p3 to get lost in transport…but i still have some mainly p2/p3 factories suddenly losing sync or mats.

any answers from the devs?

have you filled a bug report in game with these details? F12 → Bug Report

Yes I have.

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