PI in wormholes


I have been playing for a few months and done som HiSec PI lately at horrifying taxes :slight_smile:
I have also tried a little LoSec, and i feel ready to try going NoSec.

I found a system in an unstable wormhole with good planets and acceptable taxes (5%) and i would like to start up some PI there, but…

Is there anyway that I can come back to that system after the unstable wormhole closes???

I never lived in wormhole yet, but my understanding is that it’s really hard to find a way in to a certain system, but really easy to find a way out.

Leave your character or a scanning alt inside the wormhole system to scan a route out of system, so you can use that new wormhole to enter the system from known space.

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Check Wormlife Freeports, they have a list of freeports in womhole space that you can use to try PI. The entrances are announced on their discord. And you can make a little money by bringing fuel in.

  1. Create an alpha scanning alt that lives in the hole. (or a few incase you get dead)
  2. Share a bookmark folder
  3. ???
  4. Profit
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To hog on PI I’d definitely bring in fuel.

W-space systems always exist, the connections to them just move around. When the wormhole connecting that w-space system to your system closes, another will open connecting that w-space system to somewhere else. Maybe that somewhere else is in known space, maybe it’s another w-space system.

Basically you want to always leave someone in the w-space system capable of scanning down the wormholes as they move around, who can figure out where in known space the wormholes lead to on any given day.

Leave a scanning alt logged off inside. Might want to have a backup scanner.

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