PI: Planetary Vehicles

I have been running P1 - P3 Factory Planets for a couple months now and have started to identify some trends. There have been a few products that have been consistently cheaper to purchase than produce. One of them is Planetary Vehicles.

The other products have uses that I have been able to identify the reasoning for the poor values, but for this one i am at a loss.

Is it significantly easier than others to extract/produce than other products for players who run extraction planet? Or is there an item its used for with such high demand that people are willing to eat the lost value?

Other than the P4 product, what else is it used in?


As far as I know extraction cost only time and this one has no real price.


They are used to make the integrity response drone.

A few options… 1 these drones are used in pos and structure components that are being phased out. As such, there is no demand.

2 these items may be a mission drop. I have one or two in my inventory yet I know o never made them. It could have been random loot from a wreck but it was probably mission loot. This would drive prices down.

3… It could be that people are holding onto stockpiles. They may believe that the new refiners will need this module so they are hoping for an upcoming spike.

  1. Integrity Response Drones are used in Standup Structures. Whether the market for Integrity Reponse Drones will increase or decrease when POS’s are removed is above my pay-grade to know.


When I was talking about the production costs of Planetary Vehicles, I was referring to it in relation to the value of using extraction planets to make any of the other P3 goods. Are the planets needed to make planetary vehicles frequently all found together in the same (high traffic) low security status systems (relative to something else like cryoprotectant solutions)?

Im in to the Integrity Response Drones,
and disagree that planetary vehicles are cheaper to buy them,
they are on the market for 145K and I make them for 108k, also there is always to less on the market in relay on them

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