Pick your top 3 changes to fix EvE

  1. Mining in highsec without a mining permit gives a suspect flag
  2. Level 4s moved to lowsec
  3. All supers are randomly assaulted by drifter murdersquads
  1. Fix structure spam in space
  2. Buff Battleship scan res, HP distribution and amount, cargo bay
  3. Iterate on Faction Warfare (lol)
  1. More caffeine injectors in the IA chat room.
  2. More chocolate fountains in PoS (currenty there are none).
  3. More pink, purple and rose-colored ships!
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In all seriousness though probably my #1 all time desired QOL thing would be personal and corp hangar ACLs.

  1. redo fozzie sov so people dont get free repair - if they want sov they can damn well work a little for it.

  2. make more ansiblex structures that deal with free repair, need adm of xxx (this ensures capital systems are used aswell as outlying systems that are used whilst basically making the rest of space a free for all)

  3. redo interceptor nerf, they really werent the issue as a class - just limit how many istabs or whatever you can fit to it… maybe even get rid of the sig bonus?

  4. redo Blackout, make more ansiblex structures that deal with local chat in a way suited to that alliance (instant intel/delayed again - this ensures capital systems are used aswell as outlying systems that are used whilst basically making the rest of space a free for all)

  5. You need to do something about ‘anom respawns’. Personally id have the NPC’s target key installations or you know, doing something - and that would be the best way to have people ‘rat for isk’
    Think incursions but with the rats actually targeting or building up to hit actual alliance infrastructure.

  6. magic wands (entosis) give them more ability to mess with stuff, most people dont like them and we know why this really is but if they dont like them they dont have to use them (many dont like them because you cant warp off and pressing f1 doesnt vaporise something - these are often the very same people that do not undock for anything but to join the blob)

  7. CONCERNING CAPITALS, its fine to have these all powerful ships in game, but make the biggest of them actually lumbering and awkward to deploy enmasse; simply limit the mass on cyno’s, this may not sound like much but for sure getting a fleet through to one cyno spot where you have to use 50 different cynos will limit what you can put on grid in any amount of reasonable time.
    not entirely sure that limiting the ships that can use them (cyno) so much is good, though it is a good start.

  8. More counterplay for cyno’s, different size field generators AND inhibs that have different stats.

My two cents.

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Everything is known , found here

Idea : give us the possibility to adapt the cita-fitting to the attacker , let me change the fitting in RF-Mode (not while combat). Create a Modulehangar for that.

Custom gates at the borders HS-LS and Empire-Empire
Haulers will be taxed automagically while jumping or rejected if not able to pay the fee.
→ creates the smuggling profession as long he uses wormholes to travel

Make J-Space spooky again
*every WH has an effect, shattered Whs will receive a dynamic change of their effects

but sadly the Devs never read here, they prefer reddit

A) remove bountys-> criminal tags

B) remove PLEX , this is (mayor) reason for botting

C) all ore- / combat-annos have to be scanned down


D) remove asset safe

  1. Remove fozzy sov and go back to Moon system capture (Yeah you actually have to do work to hold SOV, was much better)

  2. Remove skill injectors PERMANENTLY - The HEADSHOT of EVE Online

  3. Make super capitals a difficult and long term objective/goal (as it should be)

When you go to warp, you should be able to jump out at anytime but have a timer built in so that you can’t do it again until that runs out…

  1. If too much ISK in the game is a problem, deal with it directly, not indirectly. e.g. instead of reducing the availability of content players are doing, reduce the payout/drop rate that comes from doing the content. Bonus points if it dynamically adjusts based on inflation/other factors. To avoid shocking the player base, have changes implemented gradually over time. Reducing the availability of content just leads to players not playing the game because the content they want to play is not available/too crowded (duh!). c.f. recent nerf to number of incursions available and number of invasions not in low sec gated pockets

  2. Make the NPC content more part of the game universe, not just dead content. For example triglavians/pirate NPCs/drifters don’t just appear randomly to scan stuff and be shot at, they actually try and take out player structures (bonus: also helps to deal with structure spam), FW actually changes the shape/size/sec status of the space the empires control - don’t like Amarr? Join Minmatar and actually shrink their empire, etc

  3. Make all resources - belts, anoms, moons, etc - deplete at rates which require players to move to new areas or suffer reduced resource availability to encourage less camping and stagnation

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  1. Bring back blackout
  2. Fire Hilmar
  3. Ban everyone from the USA
  1. 1 email account, 1 character active, 1 and only possible active client. so the “bots” of the same player need another PC aswell to fleet up and or go whaling or what ever
  2. Personal quarters back in Station, see ur own character walking and movies and music and make it more fun to be in a station again.
  3. PVP jumpgate trolling, make the jumpgate place you in a 200km radius for a spawn, so the wankers dont get u instant uncloaked or attack, they need to be more spread out and do some work to catch you.
  1. Ordered, pre-announced, quarterly balance updates with a focus on buffing underused subcapitals and nerfing overused ones. - People don’t actually want balance, they want new thing to fly regularly, and this is a more sustainable method than just adding new ships every year.

  2. Removal of AoE Doomsdays and Support Fighters from the game completely, as per my article on the subject.

  3. Increase in NPC Nullsec distribution across Nullsec to give people who wish to harass Nullblocs better places to stage from - Having regions like Cobalt Edge, Outer Passage, Insmother & Omist be over 50 jumps from a place where you can live as an independent group is way too much geographic safety.

These should be possible with minimal dev and organisational effort on CCP’s side, and would do a lot to improve the games general health, without tanking people’s desire to play like a lot of other changes have.

  1. Get rid of multi-boxers.
  2. Get rid of Skill Injectors.
  3. Get rid of asset safety.
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  1. Reduce asset safety and let 50% of remainder drop as scatter can loot for the victors.
  2. Add expensive maintenance fees or fuels for supers and titans.
  3. Completely change or eliminate indy upgrades–best ore systems should be deep null/wh that hasn’t’ been mined in long time-- make the mining fleets move from system to system for max yield.

Goals remove spamming, and silly gank and run in space you don’t control in nullsec. You can still gank, but you are increasing your risk.

  1. Remove the ability for enemy structures to be anchored in your designated Capital system if you own the iHub.
  2. Add more vulnerability windows when enemy trying to anchoring structures as a function of system ADM.
  3. Increase the aggression timer so you can’t tether when in enemy space as a function of system ADM.

Uh Lists, i like lists

  1. Reverse the anomaly ADM system, the longer nobody farms them the more sites are spawning
  2. Each Structure should give a penalty to the anomaly spawntime, bounty and ore Outcome, the bigger the structure the higher the penalty.
  3. Low Power Structures should not have asset safety and unanchor themselves after a month if unfueled.
  1. Bring back roadmap to the updates page.
  • Scheduled events don’t count as updates or development plans.
  • Show us you have a plan for the future of EvE like you used to.
  • “Continued Improvements for New Players” - Right idea just very vague. Need more specifics.
  1. Incentivize mentorship of new players. Allow veteran players to apply and qualify for New Player Mentor [NPM] designator similar to CSM. This will help fast track New Player Experience improvement.
  • Establish a minimum activity level
  • Reward based on how long new player stays on with Omega account
    • Reward considerations SP/PLEX/Omega Time
  • Disqualify for abuse or extended inactivity
  1. Fulfil prior Structure plans
  • Observatories [Same RF scheme as small NAV structures]
  • FOB or personal structure [Same RF scheme as mobile depot]
  1. Have an NPC Super Cap fleet accidentally jump into Jita’s star. Then have it go super nova. Destroying all of eve space. Reveal that scientist have known how to open the Evegate back to Earth, but have been reluctant too try. All Clone facilities gets destroyed. Everyone has to go through Evegate.

  2. New NPC

  3. New Ships

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  1. give access to activity that does not need to lose ships and does not produce isk, so people can go and lose ships without an issue (in a limited amount of systems, impossible to leave the system, etc.)
  2. remove isk generation from most sources. Each character with an active skill queue generates isk, paid by concord. Each activity that generated isks now generates LP instead, eg a 1M isk rat generates 1k LP for concord, an agent reward of 1M isk generates 1k LP for that agent corp. Blue/red loot generates isk but buy orders price are reduced by the amount sold for the last 6 months.
  3. finish what has been started : tiericide, resource wars, …
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