Pilot Names, weird, wonderful, etc

They do it for reactions, salt, and empty threats that they receive from people they trigger.


True, although that still doesn’t (in my mind at least) absolve them of their responsibility (as a human being) to try hard not to be an utterly hateful and foul misanthrope.


No one’s being injured. Hurt, sure, I guess.
Injured? No. An injury is something physical.

Do you pride yourself on your willful ignorance? Or do you seriously believe that?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


No, it’s a fact that’s not being trumped (heh) by stupidity of those who lack the emotional maturity to understand that words don’t actually harm anyone. They don’t. They might hurt, but they don’t harm. They don’t cause injury. What you’re talking about is something different, but you wouldn’t know, of course.

I understand that the people who held a funeral in game had a hard time getting it crashed, or whatever happened, but that doesn’t change anything about it. It was a dumb thing to do in the first place. They should have known. They can’t bring real life into the game and hope that everyone’s going to play along. That’s ■■■■■■■ stupid.

It doesn’t matter what you want to believe, either. Words do not cause harm. They can hurt, but that’s not actually a particularly huge problem for literally anyone who hasn’t been raised sheltered and bubble-wrapped like the utterly retarded emotionally immature politically correct crowd and those who parrot their nonsense.

Sorry about this @Solstice_Projekt but I fundamentally disagree with you.

Whilst you’d be absolutely right to point out that mental injuries are frequently hard to diagnose, as opposed to physical ones which are normally obvious, they do genuinely exist.

I’ve had counselling training in the past and mental injuries are very hard on people and frequently linger on for years, and sometimes they’re as life-changing and as a traumatic as an actual physical injury.

A good example of this might be the PTSD ( Post-traumatic stress disorder) that soldiers, prisoners and survivors of abuse suffer - no physical injuries as such but a deeply debilitating condition that has a profound effect on the people it touches.

This is not to say that this happens all the time to people in the game, but it almost certainly does sometimes, and a good potential example of this is mocking the RL death of someone (who was someone’s son, someone’s brother, someone’s father, someone’s lover) whos death might have deeply affected others.

I think this is all going off topic however and I’d prefer that we keep it civil, so could I refer opeople to the original post please, and let’s have more of that?

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I know why you made this thread :stuck_out_tongue:
That guy in Rookie called P…POUNDER

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Repressed emotions, suppressed feelings, unresolved feelings, emotional traumata … sure. Absolutely. No doubt.
Emotional injury … No. Nope. Nein.

My best guess is that “injury” in this context is being used by those who willingly butcher language to actually cause a more emotional response. Because “injury” causes a reaction in people, while “traumata” doesn’t necessarily. There’s no emotional connection to the word “traumata”, but there is to “injury”. Still, it’s not a thing. At all. People using the words doesn’t mean it’s a thing.

The closest and correct term is “traumata”, but there is no such thing as an emotional injury.

You can not emotionally injure yourself. An injury is something physical and physical only,
no matter what people might be thinking about it. What you’re talking about isn’t called an injury.

You’re very welcome.

often as i fly around space hunting for pods i will especially go and kill pods with objectional or funny names just for their name, if you can think a dodgy or strange name someone has already named their character it. And odds are i have popped it.


I have the best name in the whole of eve!


You’re partially right and I did take a screenshot of his name @Tharvus but I decided to leave it out of my initial post because, at a minimum, it was a bit rude and at the upper end, possibly quite misogynistic.

Having said all this, I’ve had the idea of this thread knocking around in my head for a long while, so he wasn’t the deciding factor as such, just a timely prompt to my brain that I ought to create it.

In the context of this thread @Stupidest_EVE_Player the use of the term ‘best’ is fairly subjective and open to a multitude of views, but I applaud your courage at posting, well done!

What was his name exactly? Can you link him here?

This seems entirely reasonable to me … live by the sword, die by the sword and all that.

I specifically didn’t because of his name @Stupidest_EVE_Player. I think I’m reasonably normal but I find names like that quite hard to be around. Maybe it’s because I’m quite a feminist kind of guy or something, but it is what it is.

Da Big Red Boat - I always kind of thought his name was inspired by the Space Orks in the Warhammer40k universe (“da red wuns go faster, see?”)


Does creating your character specifically for this thread to get attention from the Kool Kids make you a beta male?

I think it does.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


To be honest I’ve never lost much sleep worrying where I am in the food chain of machismo, either in Eve, or in RL. I tend to take the view that - whether you’re an alpha, beta, gamma or even delta person isn’t, in the whole scheme of things, that important really.

I think sometimes (often) people place a high value on things that are pretty valueless and also fail to value the things that are utterly priceless.

For my comment on this, I will turn to the words of someone anonymous, but wiser and much, much braver than I, a drag queen who was arrested by the NYPD during the Stonewall Riots that took place on June 28, 1969 in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan.

During her arrest, a homophobic cop turned to har and barked, “What kind of a man are you?
Completely unfazed the drag queen replied, “Honey, I’m more of a man than you’ll ever be, and more of a woman than you’ll ever get.



Stop right there, check my character in-game, see it was created years ago, then check my zkillboard, see it is way better than yours, bow your dumb head and cry in shame!

Because some pilots (and in particular, one unnamed individual) have started to contribute badly worded posts that are entirely off topic and, frankly, trollish and rude, I’m going to restate what the aim of the original post was, so that hopefully we’re all on the same metaphorical page.

In terms of language, It should go without saying that bad language or personal attacks of any kind on others should be avoided. Please try to stay on topic.

The aim of this thread is not to mock, insult or ridicule other people - it’s about our fascination and wonderment with the diverse names that we have in the Eve universe, delivered possibly with a subtle and slight wry grin.

On a fundamental level, the creation and choice of a pilot name by someone is their absolute right and it may have been done with a significant RL backstory behind it. Choices made should be regarded as valid by default and not something to be denigrated.

When you’re sharing, if you can’t say anything polite, then please share a screengrab without comment (as above, it’s not about contempt).

In terms of responding to others a degree of geniality would be helpful and if you haven’t actually got anything positive, productive, helpful or nice to say please don’t waste our time, or yours, by simply regurgitating prosaic bile.

If people do decide to indulge in this kind of pointless behaviour, the thread will be, most likely, shut down very quickly by the moderators.

Out of politeness, it’s probably best to tag the people’s names that you’ve shared. There’s no pressure on anyone to explain their choices but it might make interesting reading if people do want to share their thinking here and there.