Pilot Names, weird, wonderful, etc

Some more interesting names that I’ve come across when I’ve been flying around for your perusal and entertainment …

The slightly bizarre …

The fascinating …

The colourfully dubious …

The aggressively useful …

The intriguing …

The cheerfully misanthropic …



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Thats the name of an episode of The Inspector cartoon (The Pink Panther spin-off)

Normally I like to post several profile screen grabs at the same time. Mostly because a range of name is kind of cool and so on.

Having said this I’m making an exception with the one below because I think it’s pretty awesome.

Suicide is a terribly sad thing, especially because what it means in real and tangible terms, is that someone’s partner, husband, wife, son, daughter, brother, sister, friend, buddy, mate, pal, has found themselves so wedged into a corner in real life that they felt there was no way out other than death.

Please know that this isn’t true and that there are people out there who care about YOU.

Please, please, reach out if you need help.

In Eve, a good place to start is the one mentioned in the film, B4R, or to give it its full title, Broadcast for Reps. If you search for either ‘Broadcast4Reps’ (generally the busiest channel) or for the alternative, ‘Broadcast for Reps’ in the Chat Channels (Neocom > Social > Chat Channels) then you’ll find them.

B4R also have a Discord channel here: Broadcast 4 Reps.

Lastly, If you want the text that’s in @Minnie_x_Mouse’s brilliant profile (with some additional hyperlinks that I’ve added) here you go:


I logged in to this forum for the first time in, idunno, 7 years. I think I forgot what my characters names were. I had a little chuckle at Chug Robitussin, AGOROPHOBIC NOSEBLEED (relatable ), and Michael McDonald.

Oh aye, a McDonald are ye?

Them’s fightin werds

Idiot Boy

Nuff Said :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Quite Partial my name actually, and no,I am not from Leicester.

This thread was clearly made for me


This thread is a wet dream for spai Inquisitions.


You mean publicly viewable names and bios that are seen ingame all the time?


Blanche Bitchworthy Floggristle.
She’s a nasty one.