Pilot Names, weird, wonderful, etc

That would’ve been epic! As it, the fight at the end was anticlimactic.

Mine is always a gem to explain :rofl:


Can I politely encourage people to stay on theme please (no more videos about screaming thanks, no offence intended…)

When you fly around in Eve you frequently see names (or at least I do) that make you think whatexactly was that (RL) person thinking when they came up with that name?

If the name of a pilot has made you smile, wince, groan, laugh out loud or simply wonder, what the … then share a screenshot of the names here…

Important Ground Rules:

The creation and choice of a pilot name by someone is their absolute right and it may have been done with a significant RL backstory behind it. Choices made should be regarded as valid by default and not something to be denigrated.

The aim of this thread is therefore not to mock, insult or ridicule other people - it’s about our fascination and wonderment with the diverse names that we have in the Eve universe, delivered possibly with a subtle and slight wry grin.

So when you’re sharing, if you can’t say anything polite, then please share a screengrab without comment (as above, it’s not about contempt)

It, hopefully, goes without saying that bad language or personal attacks of any kind on others should be avoided, please. If people do do this, the thread will be shut down very quickly by the moderators. I think this would be a pity.

Please keep the screenshots petite, if for no other reason than to make viewing easier for others

Out of politeness, it’s probably best to tag the people’s names that you’ve shared. There’s no pressure on anyone to explain their choices but it might make interesting reading if people do want to share their thinking here and there.




Very sorry. I didn’t mean to trash your thread. :beer:

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You absolutely didn’t. I just wanted to try to make sure that it stayed (more or less) on track. For what it’s worth, I really liked reading about how you picked your name. I love it when there’s a bit of a story behind a character.


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It’s worth a lot, lol. Thank you.

Some more names that I’ve seen while flying around. From the slightly disturbing to the marginally amusing.


Tagging, for politeness…

@Atomicmonkey, @LoveSlave_42069 McDrugs, @Poddypod_McPoderson, @Outrage, @Im_a_simulation, @Dr_Snugglesworth



Scooby Doo and the Case of the Ghoulish Butt Monster!



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To tag names, type the name starting with @ and make sure to also include _ as the space between first, second, third, etc names. While typing the name, it should appear in a pop-up list which you can click to make the blue tag.

I believe if the name doesn’t show up in a pop-up list then that character hasn’t registered as a Forum user so the tagging option won’t be available.


Thanks @DeMichael_Crimson, I missed that (the underscores).

I don’t think any of them are registered on the forum right now but I email people in the game to let them know (to be polite). I figure some might start logging onto the forums thereafter so I still tag them because (in theory?) if they register their name will pop up as having been mentioned? I think!


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I like hearing the stories behind character names, some of them are really interesting. thanks to everyone that posted.

When i started eve just over 10 years ago I had at some point in R/L been a salesman and a colleague of mine used to speak to a guy called Vartan Sarkisian. I thought the name was cool and used it for my main. I usedit withut any real thought to it, however that name apparently is quite a popular Albanian name and so i get mistaken for Albanian a fair amount.

Most of my other character names have just been made up on the spot with something that ive seen close by when creating the character

Yeah, even if they register as a Forum user I don’t think they’ll get a notification unless their name has been clicked in the pop-up list.

Anyway, that’s cool you send them an in-game message about it, they may not even know the forums exist.

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I’m curious about @FORCY_FUNTIMES_MEATWATER, but also a little hesitant to ask.

Wonder if anyone can guess where my name originated…

At least screenshot my bio!

Contrary to popular belief, my name is a reference to what happens when I gank you. Nothing more.

Fun fact: I actually tried to get my name changed by CCP, but they did not find it offensive. So it’s CCP approved.
Still couldn’t get back into the incursions group that didn’t like my name though :frowning:


I don’t know how to do such screenshots on my tablet. If it would help I could report your name to CCP incessantly. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m over the name change now. I spun up a new character to do incursions with, which is great because I can just focus on incursion skills.


So you like playing sniper in TF2 :wink:

I liked making the enemy team irrationally angry - so I got really good at Sniper :wink: