Pilot Names, weird, wonderful, etc


Some of my alts.

Chicky Boom Boom

dr seymour holes

Major variola Pox

Variola Major being the small pox virus

Malevolent Chinchilla



A few more.

Mother Is Watching

Supreme Vaccine

Syndicated Psychosis


Always one of my favorites…

Fred Astero


Kick arse name. Best one I’ve seen so far.

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Let peace be with you players.
When i started to play Eve Online i didn’t want to use nick name but name i use in “real life”.
So name i use is Ivan in Croatian language but in English it is translated as John (or vice versa).
Nothing special with name itself at all.
John IsIvan
But then when character i use in game was podded out from ship and when pod was destroyed only thing that was left of character i use in game was biomass.
So what?
Nothing special with that also.
But frozen body is named as “John IsIvan’s Frozen Corpse”.
Now , many will see nothing funny with that , but few of you who read will understand it.
Let peace stays with you players.

One of nick names in game which is funny to me





Another couple of interesting names that I’ve found.

One that has a nifty bit of ASCII text on it…

And one that doesn’t (but that made me smile)

Tagging, for politeness…

@Christian_Shark, @Darth_Bobo_Deadmeat


Alts/second accounts

I like @Aaaarrgg that name made me laugh so hard!

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not that complicated or thought out tbh.

when i started playing, i never intended to play for long, so i was just lazy when coming up with a name… now 17 years later (!!!) i’m stuck with it, but wouldn’t want it any other way.

the Aaaarrgg name was thought out and intended to be a test “pirate” ganker type in the second ?hulkagedon and quickly biomassed to build my real ganker alt, but luckily after the first few pod kills i was hooked and aaaarrgg lived to be my main and still is 12 years later.


I like the pilot name @Destiny_Corrupted. It’s thought-provoking, well thought out and original.
I also like @Long_Tall_Sallie’s name. Wish I’d thought of it.


I :heart: your name, @Han_Zealot. Nice twist on Han Solo and since you’re Amarrian, the Zealot fits like a glove.

I chose “Long Tall Sallie” because I was deeply touched of the camaraderie and love between Blain and Mac in Predator and that song was a bond between them.
I cried when Mac went after the Predator, out of his mind, while repeating the lyrics to Little Richard’s Long Tall Sally song so much he missed his good friend. Even now writing about it I get choked up.
I was desperate to see Mac cut his friend’s name into the Predator but, of course, Arnie just had to steal the show, as always.


inb4 we learn it was made using a random word generator :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Humongous Trithead. Best I got.

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That the sound people make when they are podded.

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No… really? I don’t sound like that. Me it’s more like

People are weird :thinking:

no u.

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