Pioneer ships

The idea is about a ship class called pioneer ships. they are cloaky, and can drop explosives on structures. These “structue bombs” are to do damage, if they are noot shot in time (to be set, likely 15 minutes or an hour)
These ships dont have weapons to fight other ships, only can damage structures. they can be decloaked and damaged only by other pioneer ships. the damage has to be limited, so there have to be a number of “structure bombs” to bring a structure to be reenforced. No structure can be destroyed at ist final timer with those bombs, that has to be done the common way.
Those pioneer ships are to use with skills, Alpha clones are not allowed to learn (otherwise “structure bomb” spam will come up)
It could be a new Kind of Guerilla fighting, to get timers (and Content) without being to overpowered, so it wont effect the mechanics to hard.
just my 50c.

Interesting take on creating a very powerful cloaky camper ship.

That aside, you riddled your suggestion with so many limitations and exceptions that it is outright terrible. No ships can decloak or damage this thing, but pioneer ships can. You can attack structures but not in hull. You have to have skills to pilot them, but the ships are immune to decloaking and damage from other ships. You can waste ammo on the first reinforce but not destroy the structure with the ships.


can only damage structures
can only be damaged by other pioneer ships

how did your logic fail within two sentences

over all this seems to be a way of avoiding content by not risking the initial bash and just trying to burn your opponent out constantly having to go blow up bombs you place risk free

also what the hell is up with the name how are these in any way Pioneering?


This sounds very much like the stealth bombers.

Maybe start there and simply suggest a new module to be used on stealth bombers. Better yet, only suggest a new bomb type.

I’m assuming it’s meant to be a trade-off between damage and bomb velocity. So you really would just need a new bomb type with a very low speed, a longer flight time and a higher damage.

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What exactly does “pioneer” have to do with nuking structures?

Okay… I have to ask… what do you think will happen OP when 500+ people get into these ships and focus fire on a single structure?

Don’t say this won’t happen. This is EVE. If only a few of these ships can cause large amounts of damage, people will rightly find a way to deploy more and cause more damage, in a smaller time frame, with more people.

Now… if you point to Stealth Bombers and their bomb mechanics… do understand that Stealth Bombers pay rather large “soft” penalties in the form of…

  • not being able to fit much else beyond a bomb launcher and cloak.
  • bombs are tricky to fire.
  • only a certain number of bombs can be launched at any given time (after that, they actually start destroying each other).
  • Stealth Bombers die to pretty much anything that can target lock them.

don’t forget the also all have to be doing the same damage type

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While I’d love to see a class of bomb with an utterly enormous explosion radius given to bombers for citadel bashes, dps caps make this moot. Unless the damage was such that 3 bombers would be able to pause it, and the volume of the bomb was exceptionally small allowing 3 bombers to be able to kill a structure in a meaningful amount of time.

While at first glance it would seem unfair that 3 bombers has the damage to RF a citadel, consider that said citadel would have zero issues repelling 3 bombers, and even a single cruiser would be able to give them a very bad day. Would certainly stretch defenders out, which is good - structures should be meaningful, and deploying in every system is stupid.

you’ve never used a citadel in combat have you

but this was the idea behind them… they were not only meant to replace POS (something that littered every system) but be even more usefull

i just wish there were more restrictions on where they could be placed though.


Nope, never intend to sit in the hotseat either. I’ve shot at them plenty however, and I know that I’m not keen to take one on in a bomber if someone’s in the chair. Point, Web, Paint, ASML. Rinse and repeat twice more and said bombers are no more assuming the other two bombers decide to stick around.

If they’re bringing more than 3 bombers, maybe a few dudes should just undock and fight for their structure the old fashioned way.

One of each type in each system would be a good start. Maybe an exception on moon structures, if they take away tethers from them (honestly I don’t know if they tether anyways).

Another good start would be some kind of mechanic for citadels to shoot at each other, outside of regular anchor windows. Some kind of stand-up cruise launcher with a 5au range and warp-fitted cruise missiles. Not being overly serious with this but it would be interesting and way easier to clean up citadel spam.

… missile flight time web/point reactivation delay and lock times make it very hard to actually kill a bomber with just a citadel

Like I said, I’ve never tried. I’ll take your word for it, and undock a rapid-jebus cerb while someone else sits in the seat and points/webs things.

but now that’s defending it with more than just the citadel isn’t it?

you would be better off leaving the seat empty and getting in an actual ship built for tackle. you know one that wont lose its point/web every 30s and need a minute to get it back

this would be horrible and defeat the goal of being replacement and upgrades to POS.

just make it so they can’t be placed on gate/station grids and it would be fine

Either way, it’s trivial to repel 3 bombers. But if you don’t try, then 3 bombers can take out the citadel (allows players to clean up citadels very quickly, especially now with low-power mode). 60 player corp can thus target 20 structures in one operation. Any resistance, you disengage and cloak up, and wait for them to leave. Thus the defending corp will be forced to choose their most important assets, or park defenders on each, both of which place them in a very bad place if they’re over-extending themselves by defending too much ■■■■.

I thought they already made this change. Yes that would be an excellent start.

this is already true in the current build of the game… hell some of the small ones a single bomber reaches over the damage cap

yeah this seems like healthy game play that wont simply burn people out. why if they have structures spread? all you need is to poke when no one is around on a single structure. you get to chose time and place meaning they will burn out faster

reminds me way to much of the issues with the initial release of fozi sov

A week of poking all the things will see far greater player turnout than a month or two of poking single structures at a time. I say this as someone who participated in the eviction of TRI. Killing structures, toasting space, it’s cancer. It’s annoying. It’s why I’m not in the DRF anymore. You schedule an op and you get like 20 burned out people because “we’ve been grinding this ■■■■ for the last 3 months”.

One week of “give it a good push and we’ll be well over the hump” will preserve player interest a lot more, even if it’s hit-and-run for the high value structures.

yes that’s on the side of the ones doing the poking

i’m talking about the ones that have to form up to defend over and over and over just to see 3 bombers warp off

It’s almost like the defenders anchored more structures than they can reliably sit on…

They park on the structures they want to keep. They stage and be ready to escalate.