Pipe Bombing Gankers Out of Existence - Content

No only CODE would use a shield in such a manner. Why?

Because everyone else PvP’s in Low and Null Sec where CONCORD doesn’t exist

Why doesn’t CODE step up and evolve and take it into Low and Null where they actually have to scout systems for Jump Freighters and apply their Blobs their?

Too much thinking, too much work involved.

Should Momma get a new crap bucket for ya as well?

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Do you actually succeeded with this? Because if not whats the point of posting it?

I tried to smartbomb them between their routes from station to station/citadel after concord puling and I failed even there, it seems they have multiple bookmarks they are changing frequently. So they will never fly in direct path you expect.

Seriously there is no point fighting criminals with current way how it works. They wll lose that ship anyway, they are prepared for it. And they usually bring enough ships to be sure they still kill the target even if one or two fails from w/e reason. Plus, why would you bother that someone else is going to lose their freighter, just make sure it is not you (again).

The only thing that bothers them is stealing loot from ship they killed. That’s where CODE drop tears even though they never admit it.

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I assume, because these sorts of anti ganker tears are what they live for, and you deliver for them.

I mean, I’m not even in CODE. and I find it entertaining. It must be like sustenance to CODE. members.


Ah, the “Glad it wasn’t me and not get involved type who quivers in the station under his robe in the darkness.”

Trying to type something Aussie?

Third times the charm. Maybe.

AH…here comes Black Peter to the rescue.

Oh…try again Black Peter.

Once…twice…three times a Peter…ohhhh how CODE loves you so.

What if the neutral hit by the illegal smartbombs was a journalist reporting on the crime? Or an opportunist looking to scavenge the modules or salvage the wreck of the criminal ships?

Just because you are enforcing the law doesn’t give you the right to explode ships willy-nilly in highsec. You are responsible for any collateral damage your illegal activities cause.

CONCORD is the law and you have to respect that. If you can’t, perhaps you should move to a space outside their juridiction.


I pvped you 1v1 and you lost. Let it go.

If you want me to pay 50-500mil a week to make you go hide in null from our elite pvp I can do it indefinitely as I have almost unlimited isk.

You’re a keyboard warrior who when I came to pvp you, you showed how bad you are when I wrecked you in under 10 seconds.

ezpz git gud :rofl:


I was coming first place in pubg, funny you’re sitting there watching me type :joy:

Nothing better to do?

Funny you mentioning the hardest ship to catch in the game. Feel free to come back to me when you catch them and solo them in highsec

hahaha, your best kill is prolly a venture coming into a null gate camp :rofl:


False. I can sit on the undock of a citadel that I’m tethered to as a -10 and Facpo can’t do anything until I break tether. This means that I can align wherever I want. This also means that this strategy of yours only works when ganker have or choose to use a station, which honestly is only in systems where you can’t anchor structures.

I am perfectly aware that you’re able to pipebombing ships that are in mid-warp. What you’ve failed to mention are a few key factors in making these mechanics come together that make this possible.

So if you pretend for a second that the first part of this reply doesn’t exist and that gankers use stations, then you’re still going to fail because you don’t actually know how the mechanic works… but since what I said previously IS true, you’re still SOL.

We appreciate your obsessive levels of failure though. The diagrams are cute :wink:

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It’s more like a DrysonBennington Pipe Dream than a Rooks and Kings Pipe Bomb.

@DrysonBennington I hear you got wardeced


Dryson benngington fails again!!!

How stupid does CODE have to be to war dec me?

The members of the war deccing corporation are rarely on. They have -10 sec status meaning they cannot field anything larger than a Talos out of losing it too CONCORD or other Capsuleers let alone trying to create an ambush where they travel many systems just to try and gank because someone will get them in either their pod or ship.

Really CODE does fails at real PvP every time. Because for CODE its all about the gank mechanics of Blobbing the target because actual PvP lasts longer than ten seconds.

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They don’t get CONCORDED as outlaws and facpo can be tanked if the fleet is set up well enough.

In any case, they can always use non-outlaw characters to kill you.

In any case the end of CODE’s ganking days has begun.

Anti-gankers can simply get into alts and then run smart bomb fleets around the ship that is being bumped, even that pricey Mach Bumping ship.

Or least a few alts can Pipe Bomb when the neutral ship shows up to try and gain aggro. Once destroyed, the Neutral is no longer a factor in the equation.

Trying to buffer the gank using battleships, battle cruisers and the like won’t work because they are too costly for neutrals to use and I seriously doubt that CODE will supply 300 million for an Anti-Gank Pipe Bomb Buffer battleship just to gain CONCORD aggro.

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This clearly shows your lack of knowledge with game mechanics. As if your OP wasn’t enough to prove this, you really struck out here.

How do you manage to even type?

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We’re shaking in our boots. Want to come on comms so we can sort this out amicably? We certainly dont want our alliance ending :frowning:


10/10 for conviction and the bringing of content to the forum.

1/10 for smarts.

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… wait did you think this through? cant i just add a non criminal alt in with the warp?

If you want to post in this thread you’re not allowed to use your brain! Hehe

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Why do you think Alts exist?

An Alt Pipe Bombing Corporation has already taken into account that it will:

A. Draw CONCORD Aggro
B. Gain the 15 minute Criminal Timer
C. Lose Security Status
D. Possibly destroy Neutrals flying with CODE
E. Possibly destroy the can full of loot to deny CODE any booty.

These are acceptable risks that the alt Pipe Bombing corporation is fully aware of.