Pipe Bombing Gankers Out of Existence - Content

(shadow-storm) #41

they can get neural allies…thats what probably gonna happen

(Solstice Projekt) #42

All it needs is one guy sitting in the middle of the disco ships to break this apart.

Go ahead, do it.

(DrysonBennington) #43

The corporation would be alts. Once they have trained up to being able to use the Rohk let them call their allies in.

Pipe Bomb them away as well.

(shadow-storm) #44

I wouldn’t use battleships tho…too expensive. I would use mallers they are great for that type of activity

(Faylee Freir) #45

Why are we ignoring that the OP is missing an important piece to this puzzle that he has failed to describe his knowledge of.

(Mephiztopheleze) #46

sooo, is this just theory or is this something you’ve successfully pulled off?

(TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet) #47

Perhaps you didn’t know, Mr. Bennington, but CODE. (with Commander JTClone III’s help) found a way to make this work years ago. So far, CODE. is the only group to have ever done this successfully. Perhaps you didn’t know, Mr. Bennington, but your diagrams are missing something. This something should be very obvious. If you ask nicely, Mr. Bennington, perhaps I’ll give you a hint.

Even if I did give you a hint, Mr. Bennington, it still wouldn’t make a difference. CODE. has already implemented the most forceful of counter-measures. You think we’re playing chess, but no, Mr. Bennington, we’ve been playing backgammon this whole time. By the time you get this message, Mr. Bennington, it will once more be too late. The game is afoot, Mr. Bennington. But which game is it? Which game is it Mr. Bennington?

Hail James 315! Hail Victory!

(Bo Hunt) #48

So let me get this straight, you think you can smartbomb a neutral Mach bumper and kill him before CONCORD slaps the hell out of you? Cute.

(Ima Wreckyou) #49

Does not sound very dangerous then. Did not have time to check, but did you already quit corp or ran back to nullsec?

(Jonathan Rotineque) #50

Your strategy has only one fatal flaw…


Try this and you will learn about two things very quickly. Tactical BMs and Snipers.

So, go right ahead and serve up some easy kills to your WD adversary.

(Thor Funaila) #51

A much easier way of countering gankers has been around since day one, and even that has proven to difficult for a lot of people. You honestly think you can get them to do even a remotely effective pipe bomb? Nevermind how utterly ridiculous and stupid this “idea” is, but I think enough people have touched on that so skip over mentioning that.

I personally like gankers. They take out the competition that’s to dumb and lazy to actually fit their ship properly. I prioritize an effective tank on my barges/haulers, I don’t go afk, I pay attention to local/dscan, so I don’t worry

(Lingmei White) #52

Seems like you do a mighty fine job keeping the gankes at bay:

(DrysonBennington) #53

Trying to flip your personality around to make yourself seem like the hero when you are the criminal shows how much of a mental health issue you really have.

(Lingmei White) #54

Who says criminals can’t be heroes?
Think Robin Hood

(Faylee Freir) #55

Hey now, personal attacks have no place here. If you want to be a bully, I suggest you take it elsewhere. CCP is going to be standing up to toxic players such as yourself so that we all can enjoy New Eden without some armchair psychologist telling me that I secretly want to kill the family pet.

Back on topic:

lol bad

(Australian Excellence) #56

He can’t help but spam the forum with ad homs since when he logs in the game CODE. meets him on the field of battle and he loses as quick as milk pours out of a bottle of soy.

(Ima Wreckyou) #57

Clean 1v1 PvP. Looks like CODE. is still winning. Did not last much longer than 10s though

(Scipio Artelius) #58

Dryson, I think you need some allies, or at least some neutral logi (allies would be better though).

Keep up the content though. As long as you are having fun, it certainly looks like CODE. is.

(Australian Excellence) #59

He just can’t stop getting dunked over and over. I wonder what the next excuse will be :joy:

(Xander Orlenard) #60

This thread is gold. Thanks Dryson for you complete obliviousness.