Pirate shipyards (NPC Sotiyo) loot mechanic still broken

Hey CCP,

It would be cool and more rewarding to increase m3 volume of sotiyo bpc loot containers, so only freighter/jump freighter could loot it. You did fix to interceptor bpc looting, but now it turned to deep space transport bpc looting and game of internet connection and reaction rate in other words still broken. Just get in grid make yourself a spot and wait in cloak or even cloak 2500 m from sotiyo, so you’re in loot range but still cloaked and no effort needed.

in incursion you can’t just take and steal loot from endboss revenant as you have to take deadspace gate and you don’t have 24 hours to make a spot in grid.

I believe that you’re talking about Pirate Shipyards… maybe make that clear.


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