Pizza Boys Reloaded - Your next step into new Eden

Pizza makers are on the rise again, former ita only corp, now opening its doors to every part of mankind, well, maybe north Koreans have to ask first, ready to be part of something new and revamped.

What we offer is a quiet place to grow, mates to fleet with, great FCs to learn the PVP ropes and get involved in the main corp activities.

We reside in a friendly and lucrative NPC nullsec, we have moons, rats, sites to run, we have ships to lend, stories to tell, community to make friends with.

What we want to be clear: we’re not a parking corp, if you engage with us you have to be committed to us and have fixed in mind that be part of Pizzas is a step towards a more complete and integrated gaming experience, ours.

As a matter of facts, we are VIP. training and vetting corp, our big brothers are an established and prized PVP corp in INIT, once completed your period, you can be promoted to your next step, be the man who inspires fear in enemies’ hearts.

Our requirements:

  • 1 mil sp minimum, we are a training corp, but we reside in nullsec, so you should at least survive and enjoy your staying with us;

  • A social mindset, we have channels to chat, and we want everyone to get involved in our talks;

  • We don’t give out fishes, we lend fishing poles, so, a certain grade of initiative and self sufficiency is surely welcome;

  • Full ESI;

  • One month probation period, for you to decide if we are your dudes and for us to check your willingness;

  • Most important, a forwarded mindset, a strong will to advance in your next step into new eden;

  • Aussies and Kiwis are especially welcome;

  • And, if you are a spy, and maybe you think to be smart, do not worry, we’re smarter than you…

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