Planetary Distress Missions

not intended to mess up people’s PI but perhaps something intended for alpha players, instead of Omega.

Planets could have strange weather lasting weeks, super volcanos, meteorite impacts, solar storms can effect communication systems or perhaps moons or natural orbital paths could cause enormous tidal stresses on certain planets, why not have biological weapons or nuclear attacks on planets caused by other factions or groups, not just for FW but in keeping with the games lore.

capsuleers could do something to help the situation in some way, maybe some kind of deployable situation or simply some kind of logistics style I think it would be cool to see more ways to interact with planets other than “just PI” I think the idea of what is happening on the planets having some kind of political effect in the galaxy at large.

a planet in distress but some kind of disaster or extinction level event would be pretty cool to play through.

possible idea, Nano-Virus, designed to destroy technology on planets, effectively turning them back to the stone age, disabled all implants, communications relays, financial and electrical infrastructure, effectively sending planets and their inhabitants back into the stone age, perhaps rebuilding efforts could be a thing.

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