Planetary Interaction Screen Not Loading - Screen Remains Black

I have been having an issue with my planetary interaction screen not loading. More often than not, when I try to open up a planet the screen remains black. I have to bounce back and forth between planets trying to get them to open up. This has been happening since the patch right before Life Blood.

This is very frustrating because sometimes it takes over 20 attempts to get a planet to load. This issue puts me at great risk when I am in space and trying to fill up production planets by transferring materials from the spaceport to the storage facilities.

Can someone please look into why planets are ‘black screened’ when trying to load into them?


Same issue - so solution yet. Semms to be random planets …

I too have had problems with the PI UI, since Lifeblood expansion all mouse clicks to refresh extractors take around 2 seconds to respond. They def changed something in this expansion.

I notice that this issue seems unresolved. Here is some additional information I am seeing. Hope it helps.

  • For me this occurs on systems with AMD video cards (RX 480) but not on any of my systems with Nvidia cards (1060 and 770).
  • A planet that opens one time will not necessarily open a second time
  • Significantly disrupts game play
  • Doesn’t seem to have any pattern (planet type, null, WH, etc)
  • Started occurring after Lifeblood expansion

Found the resolution to this issue in regard to AMD. Updating the video driver fixed the problem. AMD’s utility doesn’t update the drivers or alert you to the fact they need to be updated like Nvidia.

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