Planetary Interactions - Fatarinn Er Reiðu - Pirates of Planets

I was thinking that there is a lot of potential with new NPC’s emerging from Planetary Interactions. Some new Pirate NPC’s would include pirates based on seven types of planets. One such pirate NPC faction would be called Fatarinn Er Reiður or Phantom’s Fury. Fatarinn are pirates that have been able to access the Custom Station’s security network and pose as employees of local work site. Through their manipulation of identity documents, tags that can be turned into Concord for a reward, they are able steal the commodities being created by Capsuleers that are then sold on the market.

Fatarinn is very good at what it does and will often times be able to disguise itself in with the local NPC pirate corporations to the point of using the same ships and modules as the local NPC pirate corp.

The only way to determine that Fatarinn is present is from the loot that is dropped that is tagged as Fatarinn loot such as a Fatarinn Gate Key that allows access to a site where the Fatarinn are operating from in the system or several jumps away. The Fatarinn sites have to be probed out in Null and are very difficult to find, being about the same difficulty as finding Sleeper Cache sites in Null. The Null sites are very well protected by ECM towers that render all ships unable to lock the defense ships up unless four sites are hacked and then special instruction codes placed into each of the four control centers. As each control center is hacked and taken offline would allow the Capsuleers to lock the Fatarinn ships up and attack them as the ECM effects are reduced with each hacked site. The special instruction codes are also dropped from NPC pirates in any of the surrounding systems. Once a duplicate set of instructions has been found then the Capsuleer knows that they have the complete set of instructions for the ECM site.

With each hacked site a new wave of Fatarinn defense ships appear to defend the site. Once all four command centers have been hacked the main Fatarrin station is revealed in an adjacent system. The Fatarrin station would then need to be attacked and destroyed to remove the Fatarrin presence from the area. A Fatarrin Dreadnought appears at the end of the last wave and can be attacked or not. The value of the Fattarin Dread is approx. 75 million isk. There are also haulers present once the Dread is destroyed that would contain valuable P. I. commodities that could then be sold on the market.

The value of the hauler loot is based on the security status of each system.

For example in a -.5 system the haulers could drop 10 Wetware Mainframes compared to a 0.0 system that could drop two or three Sterile Conduits. The Advanced Planetary materials would be mixed in with the other types of Planetary Materials. The Higher Security status that the Fatarrin are found in reduces the chance for Advanced Planetary Materials considerably.

As the security status of a system increases the type of heavy defense ship also decreases. For Null and Low the heavy defense ship at the end of the ECM site will range from a Dread to Battleship where the loot in the haulers is based off of what heavy defense ship appears at the end of the ECM site. If battleships appear in Low or Null they will come in three waves of 2-8 battleship per wave. In High Sec there will be three waves of five battleship per wave. Each battleship wave will come with a few battlecruiser, cruiser and destroyer escorts along with frigates.

Null and Low Sec BS fleets will always come with an array of ECM and Dampening type of ships and will have moderate to high DPS and moderate tank values. High Sec BS fleets will have BS that have high DPS, moderate tank values along with destroyers and frigates that will always use web and scrambler modules. Cruisers are heavily tanked with rapid firing capabilities while the BC are fit with long range modules.

Once the Fatarrin system has been discovered and the station scanned down and warped to, a local channel pops up for the systems involved much like the Incursion local chat does. During this time all Fatarrin ships hiding within the local pirate corps lose their disguise and begin to run attack missions on any Capsuleer that enters a belt or comes within 100km of the planet that the Fatarrin are looting, in this case Barren Planets. In this case the Fatarinn would be called Barren Planet Fatarrin. The planets with PI on them would see an increased theft rate until the Fatarrin command station had been destroyed. The Barren planets would see twice the theft rate until the Barren Fatarrin Command Station had been destroyed.

During this phase the production from all P.I. sites are reduced dramatically based on security status where a system could see a 75% reduction time in their P.I. production.

Fatarrin can also be seen roaming about a system in a single named frigate such as a Fatarrin Survey Vessel. Although very, very hard to capture, especially in High Sec unless probes are used to pinpoint the survey vessel to then warp on top of tackle and then destroy, the survey vessel will simply warp off if a vessel tries to approach it.

The Fatarrin Survey Vessel is the cue that the Fatarrin are beginning their theft operations in a system within five jumps of where the survey vessel is initially found. The survey vessel will disappear after an hour of being on grid and will always spawn at 500km from any gate in the system. If the survey vessel is caught and destroyed it drops all four sets of special instructions allowing the ECM site to be attacked directly without having to locate the other Fatarrin ships hidden in among the belt rats. The only way to determine what class of Fatarrin are present, (Shield, Armor, Missile, Projectile, Hybrid or Laser) is scan down the

Once the survey ship has appeared theft from P.I. across five systems will begin to take place within 12 hours. The system that is experiencing the most P.I. theft is where the hidden Fatarrin special instruction ships are located. No more than one Fatarrin special instruction ship will exist at one time however.

Once the theft begins the process could last up to ten days or as short as three days after which the Fatarrin will pack up and move onto to another system. The longer that the theft takes place will also mean that more haulers will be found at the end of the ECM site.

The Pirates of Planets is geared towards PvE pilots looking for more of challenge that is just not involved with DPS but would require P.I. Combat Fleets, and Probe ship Capsuleers to all work together to vanquish the Fatarrin into…dust.

Each solar system in New Eden except for wormhole space would see at least two Fatarinn P.I. Incursions in a years time.


Fatarrin Ship Skins
Fatarrin Ship BPC ( ECM frigate, Long Range BC, Webber Destroyer, Tank Cruiser, DPS Battleship, Industrial ((could either come with increased cargo volume (7,500 m/3 standard w/ five low slots, resists for shield or armor with 65% for two resists or a modified Jump Cloak Timer that lasts for two minutes) )
Fatarrin clothes
P.I. Commodities

more mechanics less fluff

i feel like maybe there is an idea in there it’s just burred in sand

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Maybe tone it down a bit and simply have NPC’s stealing from P.I. that players can attack and gain bounties from?

Too easy to be honest.

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