Planetary Production Bug

I looked for a ‘bugs’ subforum but didn’t see one. I saw ‘issues, workarounds, a localization’ but that didn’t seem appropriate.

Anyhow, to reproduce the bug: 1) be in a state where you cannot add any more structures due to being maxed-out on power, 2) delete an extraction head to make room for a basic industry facility (don’t submit), 3) build basic industry facility (don’t submit), 4) simulate ‘whoops, didn’t mean to put it there’ and delete basic industry facility (don’t submit), 5) try to build it again. You get an error that you are already dangerously maxed-out on power.

You have to delete then submit before building another structure.

You can also file bug reports from within the game.

Sure, but that’s a bug isn’t it?

I’d say a bug counts as an issue.

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You just wasted a minute of my life. Not just any minute but one of my favourite minutes. I mourn its loss and you probably don’t even care your post did that. You should feel ashamed.

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