Plasma planets IRL?

Are there any known examples of plasma planets in real life?


Its CCP creation, as you maybe noticed, we have plasma from above the 50km above ground on earth. Maybe peeps in CCP wanted to have some kind of original s-f thing, and thought it would be nice to have a planet with dense plasma atmosphere, with electric storms and stuff. And it sounds like it have almost magical properties, everything plasma, from guns to water. Like you would hear those peeps who sell “healing plasma water” for outrageous price, because, you know, plasma and sh!t. Must be really good… :woman_mage:


We needed plasma planets for PI! :laughing:

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Yes, there’s a plasma planet orbiting the Sun at around 100 AU.

Plasma is essentially an ionized gas that is generally hotter and more electrically conductive. So basically an atmosphere full of lighting storms. Jupiter has plenty of storms, but not the rocky planet type.

Venus has the rocky planet type, the heat, and the lightning, but the atmosphere is so thick that solar radiation doesn’t penetrate very far in. Electricity doesn’t build up high enough as often in that type of atmosphere (it discharges before it builds up that high) so it appears to have less lightning that earth, as well as a lower magnetic field.

So Venus would be closer than other planets to a plasma world. If it had Earth’s strong magnetic field and a less dense atmostphere it would almost be one.

Dont BLOOD Raiders come from plasma planets?



The science of most most space bodies are extrapolation based on theoretical physics. Are their bodies of plasma? I would assume yes.

We know very little of alien worlds but we can guess based on their orbits & wavelengths.

Maybe what I’m thinking of is a planet with a constant global aurora that stretches down to near ground level.


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