Temperate planets are uninhabitable

(erg cz) #1


I checked temperate planets via dotlan map and 99,99 % of them are not inhabitable due to low pressure. Why is that?

(Samira Kernher) #2

Planet stats are randomly generated.

(Nana Skalski) #3

CCP happened somewhere in process of formation.

(Tannia Ambrye) #4

That’s wierd that so many would be less pressure though. You’d think there’d be more super earths with high atmospheric pressures, and possibly covered by hundreds of kilometers deep of ocean. Maybe CCP is operating under old assumptions about rocky planet formation?

(Aergri Evingod) #6

Random finding while looking through dotlan:

found the larger than earth planet Gens III with bigger radius yet lower mass and most likely lower density than the earth.[About half the mass]

Seems like the random number generator is likely.

(Piugattuk) #7

Stop looking for logic and reason, this is EVE after all.

(Teinyhr) #8

Quoted for emphasis. Only planet stats that I think have been looked over to be habitable are each empire’s capitals.

IIRC for game engine reasons stargates are denser than black holes so that peole can’t bump them out of alignment.

(ColdCutz) #9

It’s sad that they didn’t re-crunch the numbers with more realistic parameters back when they released Tyrannis.

(Vansimmirin) #10

In terms of player fiction with regard to planetary attributes, is it acceptable to simply fudge the numbers given that they make little sense anyway? Is that what is typically done?

(Aergri Evingod) #11

Considering that ship crashes with desastrous effect appear only in Trailers (The prophecy) for gameplay reason I would do/worldbuild so.

(Tannia Ambrye) #12

Yeesh! Imagine a ship flying at super luminal velocities hitting a planet? Disasterous would hardly cover it.

(Teinyhr) #13

Sci-fi got you covered; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relativistic_kill_vehicle

(Tannia Ambrye) #14

My favorite example is relativistic kitty litter via Atomic Rockets.

(erg cz) #15

I checked the database dump and it looks to me, that low pressure on planets have to compensate huge pressure on stars.

(Tannia Ambrye) #16

Huh, wierd.

Irl, the two are unrelated. The high pressures found in a stars atmosphere have nothing to do with the atmospheric pressures on an orbiting planet.

(erg cz) #17

Unless you treat both plantes and stars as an object of “celestial with pressure” class. Not as real objects. Programming, you know. If you want them to have some average pressure value, but since stars have it huge, you need to give planets very low value to compensate…

(Tannia Ambrye) #18

I get that, which is why I prefaced with “Irl.”

It’s weird that they chose to do it that way.

(erg cz) #19

I found planet with 53 times earth pressure in J212025… I wonder how life should look like in such conditions.

(Teinyhr) #20


(Tannia Ambrye) #21

Well, pressure acts equally on all sides of an object so maybe not necessarily flat. Definitely compressed though. :laughing: