Player Bounties & Killrights temporarily disabled

Sorry, I just don’t think you can do 400M an hour, because I have rated enough with the super myself. 70-90m per tick (* 3 = 300m max) is probably still possible, but not 130m per tick. I stopped after april nerf, so I don’t know if it’s still possible. It should only get worse with the removal of the light fighters tube and explosion nerf i guess.

Not sure what’s going on, but KRs do seem to be working, indeed.

Pilots with KRs may not show the appropriate tag and background in overview at first, but selecting them makes the crosshair appear in the Selected Item window if they have a KR and the right tag and background appear next time they’re updated in overview.

I can only guess CCP is trying things and the client now asks for KR data only when actually needed, rather than KRs having been disabled altogether, which is good enough for my needs, so I’m game again, for now at least. :slightly_smiling_face:

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How does this affect anything related to PVP? Now you don’t get to spam harass somebody who killed you with notifications. How else has this been used to “high-sec pvp”?

Locating, hunting and killing players with killrights in highsec. And in some cases tricking them into issuing one. Other do killright scams for good profit. There is an small but interesting ecosystem around killrights.

You can always say, not many people care, but it sums up. All the little niches and fun activities outside the fenced PvE and brute force PvP are removed one by one for “the greater good”.


Just saying: I can activate killrights. Also people can activate the killrights on me.

I tried to gank someone yesterday, he shared the killright to all for 5 mil and it got activated yesterday in Amarr for 5 mil and i got killed.

So dunno about this thread!? :man_shrugging:


He may be quoting a figure from a session he got really lucky with faction spawns (faction spawn wreck = potentially blue salvage, much more valuable than the usual orange salvage, usually).

sure, 800m extra blue loot, after smartbombing machariels kiled all the extra titans and dreads spawns, all right. :woman_facepalming:

The killright system is NOT disabled. At least i’ve just got a killright on me. Funny.

P.S. If I’ll be killed on behalf of this killright, will this kill be reimbursed according to this thread? :smiley:

sorry i havent been keeping up on this lately, but I count in the sales of 10/10s, because its still from running the havens. with a 24 hour clock on them you only have to go collect them every 3 or 4 hours and they still sell like hot cakes. like I said, i dont run them, i just sell them. easy money.
if you don’t consider that as part of the revenue generated then ok ~300 ish. just depends on how much time you want to spend. dont forget the faction spawns that generate with them too, thats extra revenue. so in the long run, yes you can make over 400, depending on how your attention span is.

Like I said, just guessing… even if it did happen, it was extreme cherry picking and certainly not an average!