Player built Stargates - fancy name for Jump Bridge replacement?

I see, that’s why I missed it. No big announcement unlike when Seagull was promoted. Goes to show what CCP thinks of the new guy’s position. :slight_smile:

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Only something like this

“EVE Online hitting the 15-year-old milestone gave us a great perspective on where we came from and where we need to go. My goal in this position is to continue to make EVE Online better for players of all types and skill levels.”

Taken from here:

Guess he’ll introduce himself in Vegas… at least he should. Also he worked at Lazy Town before joining CCP, so I guess it’s mandatory to:

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This would be really cool if you can use them offensively imagine building your own highway from home to the front lines

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I would rather bet on botting in safety using bots to destroy gates so nobody ever sees you botting.

Remote ISK deliery by super advanced null cash system and RMT in safety and legally like soon on chinese server. :joy::robot::ok_hand::credit_card:

Whilst destroying all the gates in and out of their home system… the ultimate blueballs.

“Okay folks, undock and warp to… wait… the ■■■■?.. standby.”

“Alright folks, I’ve spoken to leadership, we’ll have someone online in a few hours to jump a freighter in and anchor a new gate out. Stand down.”

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