Player designed skins

I feel CCP was misleading/dishonest about creating skins. I went into Paragon Hub to make a skin, only to find out I have to pay plex to make my design. Ok, I bought plex so I could make some skins. Finished my design and wanted to sell it, only to find out I have to buy a training book for 39M ISK. Give me a break. You want us to pay so you can make money from our designs? Wow, unbelievable.


The hub isnt online to sell to others yet.

Anything in the game requires some sort of skillbook.

That’s what capitalism is all about, make money by any means necessary. Unless you’re going to tell me that you really believe all the commercials that the multinationals shove down our throats a thousand times a day.
CCP is a business like any other business. Why expect anything less?

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I appreciate your replies but, this was directed more to CSM members to relay to CCP. This area is Assembly Hall for CSM.
It’s all good. I’m just stating that the introduction to the new feature should be more detailed about how it worked.

“EVE Online has created a new and exciting feature for our Eve Online Family. You can now create your own ship skins for as much as 40% less that the generic skins offered in our store. Install a Skill Book and you will be able to sell your skins. Player designed skins are the future.
Fly Safe”

Now, about the replies:

If the “anything” you want to mention requires Skill books, then you’re right, that particular “anything” needs a Skill book. Not “everything” requires Skill books, ISK, or Plex. In fact, even if you do require a Skill book, some are given to you for free.

Eve Online is a game. Trying to claim that In-game play is like the real world is non-sense.
Were in the real world can you go through a toll booth (Stargate) without paying a tool? What place is going to allow you to park 50-60 cars (your ships) for free. Try to mail a letter for free in the real world.

Talking about CCP in the real world: Way back, EVE online was not free. It was one of the more expensive monthly subscription games. Problems logging in, rudimentary graphics, clucky game play, and all kinds of irritating glitches. The game was very unforgiving. Hisec was more dangerous, Lossing 50-70M ships was expected and losing skill points was normal.
Now, Eve Online is free to play. Hisec is quiet. … The point- sometimes making things free can make you more money. Capitalism- Supplying the best quality products at the lowest price.

Off my soapbox and back to the game,
Fly safe


I understand the frustration. Really I do. But we all know that if they do any sort of golden ammo monetization we would be lighting the pitchforks and sharpening the torches. So cosmetics and vanity is where extra monetization will come from, no other option now, is there?

I enjoy that some people in reddit are already trying to find ‘workarounds’ Reddit - Dive into anything for example

Short answer? Pretty is seldom cheap


CCP should have said, what will be required to make the skinr thingy dodad to work.

There was no mention of skill books and plex to make it work.

What a bunch of misleading and disinformation, If you are going to introduce a new product.
list all the functionality and items needed.

I.E. here is a new car for you to drive, you get in new said car and start it up, vroom vroom,
and you find out, oh there is no steering wheel or tires for the car.

my 2 cents worth

Uh yea there was in the notes lol