[Player Event] Athanor Bash in Hrober! (owned by me)

12:33 GMT July 6, Hrober (Molden Heath)- a PVP bash event brought to you by Squiggles Inc!

With all the activity in Molden Heath an Athanor was destroyed, so I decided to put one up to stimulate some PVP in the area. Shields have been wiped out by “allies” of Snuffed Out. So, if you’ve got an axe to grind, there’s sure to be some fun to be had! It’ll come out of reinforcement at the time listed above.

Intelligence indicates 2 fleets so far, so if you want some low sec PVP come on out for a good time! If you just want to jump on killmails, come on out!

Feel free to protect or destroy the Athanor. Either is fine, I just want to see some action sitting in station!

Come big, come small, come deadspace fit or cheap… just come! Hope to see you there!


That’s the spirit!

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This guy has such great attitude should help save it


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