Player owned FOBs, where are they?

We were promised player owned FOBs way back in 2018 CCP, where are they?

It would easily solve the issue of clutter structures for FOBs without introducing more ways to kill structures. That’s what you want, isn’t it CCP?

This shouldn’t be so hard, you already have NPC FOBs that are fully functional, they even have docking buttons built into it! Stop procrastinating on your promises and deliver once in a while!

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Too busy introducing new features no one asked for…



CCP in past few months: “But… but Triglavian Invasion and shiets! Are you not entertained? Doesn’t matter, we know that WE are right with all those changes. And now please buy some SKIN, or maybe you like that Training Boost Bundle?”.

The truth is, CCP has put on horse blinders and only sees an Triglavian Invasion. Everything else ended in a drawer.

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During the summer in Iceland, CCP really slows down to a point where the janitor is the busiest person there, followed closely by the person in charge of feeding the aquatic animals.

Two years of summer?


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Bread and circuses. Now, as somebody already mentioned, buy the skill bundle and some skins.

Well, the fall is filled with them too busy getting ready for winter, the winter is too cold and icy for travel to and from the office, and the spring is too unpredictable to plan for any schedule. Since these promised features or changes are often delayed/disappear over the years, it must be a natural occurance.

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Pod the Trigs
FOBs now!

By “Promised” I think you actually mean “Talked about”. CCP don’t promise stuff.

If an Icelandic summer is anything like a UK summer that’s the last Tuesday in July covered.

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