Player SKIN Design Contest

I would like to propose a contest developed by CCP for the development of SKIN design contest based on player based ideas.

(1) Each Player would be limited to ships within a single faction (e.g. Gallente, Caldari, ORE) or within a single ship category (e.g. T1 frigates, Lancer Dreads, Exhumers, etc.).

(2) Players would have to have a single unifying theme tying together all of the ships within the proposed design.

(3) Designs would have to be presented in a digital format easily presentable for judging.

(4) CCP would decide on rewards packages for the best SKINs.

(5) No corporate, alliance or player commemorative SKINs allowed. Selection to be based strictly on artistic merit of the SKINs developed.

(6) Top designs would then be made available by CCP for sale in the NES.

I think this is a pretty good idea or perhaps it has been proposed before and there are too many problems. How could my list of rules be improved particularly to insure that the judging is based either solely or primarily on artistic merit of the SKINs?

Or is this just a bad idea? What do folks think?

You know, when I read that there would be a Megatron model in the collector’s edition, I was upset that it was painted. After all, it would be better if the model was sold unpainted, and the players themselves painted and sent pictures to CCP - and they selected the best paints and made skins based on them. In addition, CCP are preparing their own wargame - and there are miniatures there, too, and they can (NEED!) paint !

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I’ll be waiting to see what other people use to strip the paint and then doing my own police paintjob

If it is painted in water-based acrylic, then an acetone-free nail polish remover and a toothbrush. And police paint is a good idea. I am currently collecting all the skins of the Caldari State Police - Manticore or Golem with flashing lights - a masterpiece.


You can always prime over the model(s) with a base coat of gray primer then paint the model in any way you like. It’s likely that the model (if constructed in plastics) is painted in acrylics. In which case you’ll need an acrylic base primer. I would try to find out what type of paint the manufacturer of the model used before you actually try what I suggest.

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