Player Suggestion - Tutorial Wording Update


I am a relatively new player and have been sitting about in the chat channel “Rookie_Help”. Myself and a few others, as it seems, had trouble during one of the very first campaign missions - Exploration.

One of the instructions for finding an anomaly states that they can be found in the “Sensors Overlay”.

Looking around the HUD for something termed “Sensors Overlay” proved to be frustrating. I turned to google.

If the wording was updated to mention the overlay can be accessed by the “Scanners” button on the HUD, I think that could make this aspect of the game a little more accessible?

I know that this is something very small, but I though it was worth mentioning as a suggestion anyway.


They are actually 2 different things!

The Sensor Overlay is the ring of Green and Red tick marks that encompass your Capacitor.


This wheel of tick marks will rotate as you move your camera around, pointing in the direction your camera is facing. This can help you visually identify where in space that anomaly/signature is located.

Scanners, on the other hand:
Are the windows that you can use to directly interact with such anomalies and signatures.

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Should be in Player Features and Ideas, also probably a small thing that could be in the small things thread


Ohhh. Well that makes more sense! Still, don’t you have to access the “Scanners” pane in order to navigate to the anomaly? I guess to have both features explained very briefly would make it easier for the new guy though? (if they aren’t already and I didn’t miss it)


If you rotate the green pips around, a bracketed green icon shows up in space that can be right-clicked and warped to.

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You can have access to it without all the clicking, most of the optional UI is stackable in tabs by dragging and dropping open windows onto each other; on top of that, you can minimise it to a tabbed bar by double clicking to the right of any tabs.

It works much like a web browser.

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You get used to it. EVE has a lot of functionality. The ui never gets old, even after years of playing. It is also constantly changing in some part.

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