Please allow Alphas to train the ECM hardening skills

Afaik If you train the ECM hardening skills to level 4 you get 24% increase in strength which is significant. But Alphas arent allowed to train them to even 1. This means ECM jammers are very effective vs alpha pilots. Poor bastards?

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It’s not so bad.

They can become Omega easily enough.


Omega feels like a rip-off

Still here huh?


No poors allowed in my inner circle. :sunglasses: :moneybag: :moneybag:

If you want my advice you gotta be omega. I want people who commit to EVE.


The absence of the ECM skill in the curriculum of alphas is an example of a potential benefit you get as an omega. Same as cloaks, barges, t2 ships, safety red, and literally any skillpoint of the remaining +520M once they hit the 20M hard cap. Alphas can do a lot with 20M if they plan carefully.
In any case, alphas can still attack the jammer, same as what omegas have to do; they just may have to focus on that target a bit more often.


Darn good thing feelings don’t define reality then.


Yes :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Wesfahrn,

You’re absolutely right about the strength bonuses gained from the ECM hardening skills. It does put Alpha pilots at a disadvantage when it comes to countering ECM tactics.

However, it’s worth noting that the Alpha state is essentially a free trial version of the game. CCP designed it to give players a taste of what EVE Online offers, but understandably, they’ve reserved some advanced capabilities and features for paid Omega subscribers. While there are limitations, Alphas can still experience a vast amount of content and gameplay.

Still, I can empathize with the Alphas out there getting jammed in space. Fly safe!

It doesn’t take much to PLEX your account…


Please don’t feed the thread starting troll.

24% increase in the hp of the ship overall?

In that case, try not to get jammed?

There’s a lot of that going around these days. Who cares? Alphas don’t pay subscription so not real EvE players. Alphas fakes.

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Alphas can use t1 sig amp and sebo with eccm.

if running gurista based rats a lot…they will burn through level 4 sensor trains and even 5 with no modules.

Or…no implants like talons for caldari ship sensors. That needs omega granted. if running gurista killing that much racial sensor implants are really nice to have imo.

If a pvp rant is hidden in here…yeah this is why no likes to train recon, eaf or even blops 5…but we did/do it. I wanted/want my falcon to burn through even level 5 skills. When I ran ecm widow…yeah, I really wanted that jam to hit.

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@Hyrja I should’ve written “it’s as if” before that statement, even though we know that Alphas are second-class citizens of New Eden.

The people who pay to play the game are the actual second class citizens

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I give you a B out of 5 for trying to troll with that post.

But hey, at least you didn’t spam open a new thread. So that’s progress, I guess.

Nah…the real rip-off is that Omegas are subsidising all those freeloaders. I’m effectively paying for other people to be able to play for free. And I don’t even get a ‘thanks’.

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Second-class citizens with the privileges of going over 5Mil SP and using everything in the game… I like that second-class state… it’s so awesome I give it :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: Luxury obliged.


alphas are cannon fodder

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Yeah. Its not eve a pvp hardship.

ECM is nerfed now. you can shoot the falcons now. I remember when ecm was total shutdown. You weren’t shooting anything.

Fun times…when the falcon pilot.

PVE carebearing…I’d have sig amp and/or sebo mandatory for dedicated gurista killing.

Even an Omega with sensor skills 4 or even 5. They burn through that too.