Please allow / improve the Nomadic playstyle in Eve

I’m sorry if I use some words in a wrong way, please correct them for me. I live in HS, I don’t have capital skills (yet).

I could see the talk about the Rorqual gaining ability to (bridge?) portal / jump with other mining ships.
What I mean is the Black Ops battleships style of allowing covops cloak ships to jump to other systems (without using a gate of course) or as of recent changes, jumping with them together. Please note I don’t mean the Ansiblex Gates way (of everything escaping). ■■■■ no.

Nomad playstyle doesn’t have to be limited with mining. It’s kind of limiting that only a Titan can bridge / portal other ships. What I mean is mostly the cost of the Titan. It’s not only hard to get one (even when I can totally build one with enough isk and friendly null entity) but it’s also expensive to lose one.

As we know many parts of null are simply dead. Olmeca Gold explained it’s because of how good the capital umbrellas are at defending things (or used to be). It takes a certain critical mass of defensive capabilities, or so I’d like to phrase it. Why would someone bother to do something similar at all when one can just join the biggest null coalitions and be safe. More on this in my next thread. What stays the same is null is damn dead and there is a way required for people to use those parts more. And I think Nomadic playstyle for mining itself would be an excellent start. Of course something already existing like Jump Freighters can totally aid in something like this, and also allow living in a deep, unprotected, space. When all you have to move for now is the goodies like ore and loot.

I’m not sure how could it be applied to other PvE activities.
PvP, well Rooks and Kings kind of gave us the idea years ago already and it’s been modified for doing their way in a stealth bomber way as well. Bombers can be jumped by a BlackOps though. And I don’t want to focus only on smartbombs and bombs here. How about using other ammo?
And like, combat maneuvers! Accidentally this could help in fixing the Chinese server sovereignty map, or at least bypassing it. And we know how it looks like, again thanks to Rooks and Kings and their video.

My God I hope they are still playing Eve.

Of course it’s not meant for only Chinese server to benefit from this.

Why propose changes to areas of game you have literally zero experience with?


Typical HS Eve player.

Why not propose improvement to changes to areas of the game you imply a bit you have an experience with?

Typical Eve forums poster.

why do we care about chinese server, it isn’t impacted by us.


Of course it’s not meant for only Chinese server to benefit from this.

If you care about it BY THE WAY it means Chinese won’t come in flocks to “our” TQ.

That sounds… suspiciously racist.

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