Please critique my new portrait!

I finally made a Solecist Projekt!
I require your opinions for improvements!

critique /krɪˈtiːk/ noun

a detailed analysis and assessment of something, especially a literary, philosophical, or political theory.
“a critique of Marxist historicism”

Bonus points if you manage to actually mangle marxist historicism into your critique!

Also please at least 20 words or more!

… just kidding. : D

The ugly default black tshirt-ish thingy will be replaced with a black spaghetti top,
or maybe I’ll try one of these fancy new cyborg torsos! Curious! : D
Please note that it’s meant to look like she’s taking a selfy!

In hindsight I think I should have made the eyebrows a tad shorter.

Critique away!

Thank you!


In before someone complains about the freckles. :blush:


I was just going to say do they place fly screens on capsules now?

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Cute, freckles = extra cute.

Bio should have some quote from Karl Popper who rightly regarded historical destiny as total bunkum.

Personally I’m an exponent of Eve-ism … only my opinion counts for anything, all other apparent internet individuals are dicks until proven otherwise.


Is that a trout pout, or did you apply a vacuum cleaner to her lips?



G’day from Sydney,

Here in Australia we have a old term that when we see a person with many freckles we say that person had been standing behind the screen door all through the Australian summer.

We have screen doors here to keep the blowflies out of our homes.

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lol that’s a good one. : D

Howdy mate! ‘ow ya goin’?
I’ll be stuffed, a 'strayan, who’d a thought?
'strayans are me favourite cunts!

‘ow’s bizzo goin’ in the big smoke?

: D

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You may wish to remove the C word, it’s bound to offend the more sensitive among us.

Brits, Aussies, Kiwis and the Irish will likely take it in good humour, the Americans not so much.


yous be going alright down here in Straya mate

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Made me lol


I’m hopefully coming to NSW in December to see my grandparents and some friends in Sydney, never been to Aus before so it should be an interesting experience.

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As an Afrikaaner we say people with lots of freckles were standing behind a fly screen door just as it got hit by ■■■■.

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It will be really hot so be sure to crack open a tinny.

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Cracking a tinny isn’t going to work for me, I don’t do alcohol because it releases my inner arsehole.

I will however be using my old man’s adage of if it slithers or has 8 legs, kill it before it kills you.

Also dropbears.

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They sell claw proof steel mesh here

■■■■ those bloody fascist seppos!

Canada’s sphincter.


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Tomorrow okay, will give a review, you might not like it.

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At least me face isn’t lookin’ like a big bucket of smashed crabs!

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