D-SCO: Seeking Grumpy Experienced Bitter Vets for Wormhole Expeditions!

Attention, seasoned and grizzled capsuleers who have seen it all! D-SCO extends an invitation to join our ranks and embark on daring wormhole expeditions. We are a battle-hardened wormhole corporation that thrives on the challenges and the secrets that lurk within these cosmic anomalies.

Why join D-SCO?

1: Delve into the Unknown: Embrace the allure of the uncharted territories in wormhole space, where untold riches and enigmatic encounters await. Unravel the mysteries of hidden sites, unearth priceless relics, and confront formidable adversaries. Each foray into the wormholes promises the thrill of discovery and the chance for great rewards.

2: Grumpy Vet-Friendly Community: Join a community of hardened veterans who have weathered the storm of New Eden. We understand the trials and tribulations of deep-space exploration, and our members share a unique camaraderie forged through experience. Whether you’re a grizzled wormhole veteran or a jaded pilot seeking a new chapter, you’ll find a home among kindred spirits.

3: Loot and Plunder: Wormhole space presents unparalleled opportunities for wealth and industry. Take advantage of lucrative gas harvesting, planetary interaction, and ore mining ventures. The spoils of wormhole exploration can be bountiful, providing a solid foundation for your ambitions and fueling your thirst for revenge against a cruel universe.

4: PvP and Grumpy Defense: As a wormhole corporation, we relish the challenge of defending our turf and engaging in merciless PvP encounters. Rally with us in strategic operations, fiercely protect our assets, and engage in grumpy fleet battles that test your mettle. Every day brings fresh opportunities to unleash your pent-up bitterness upon the unsuspecting.

5: Infrastructure and Crotchety Support: D-SCO boasts a robust and battle-tested infrastructure within our wormhole domain. We offer access to well-equipped industry facilities, cutting-edge research labs, and grumbling market services. Our logistical support ensures smooth operations and the ability to adapt to the treacherous environment of wormhole space.

If you’re an experienced, grumpy veteran pilot seeking the adrenaline rush of wormhole exploration, look no further than D-SCO. We welcome those who have seen it all and are ready to navigate the treacherous unknown once more. Claim your rightful place among our ranks and etch your grumpy legacy among the stars.

To apply or learn more, contact us via [preferred contact method]. Brace yourself for the challenges and rewards that await you in wormhole space with D-SCO!

Fly begrudgingly, capsuleers, and embrace the inscrutable depths of the wormholes!

Corp Promo Video :

Join In-Game: D-SCO Recruit

Discord: Discord

Contact these Bitter Buddies… Logan Eto, Wafflestomper Amelana, StarGlider7

We look forward to hearing from you!
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