Please don't insult me with your meesly isk donation

So here I am minding my own business when some Amarr criminal starts inviting me to answer some silly questions so after i ghost them like 3 times I finally I decide to click accept invitation thinking it is just some rant about blowing up some moble depot or something like that.

Then I am insulted like I am some 2 bit hooker as after we roleplay for awhile it becomes a little stressful and I really didn’t trust this criminal as the questions gave off some very bad vibe!

Just stop trying to be a big timer show off and asking how much isk I have man to man as you tried to put it! That’s not a very good look!

The chat log as it happened.

part 1

Part 2

Part 3

@Amarr_Prodigy fyi I won’t share that evemail you sent, may your mouth be washed out with soap!

Kind Regards



Fine, be that way! I will keep my 500 isk then! :triumph:

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There is more at stake here as my home system had been looks to be at risk!

The first private communication is lost I never screenshot it before the criminal dropped connection!


Enjoy the isk! Anyone looking for a washed up pvper HMU

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Frosty, Frosty - forget the princess, you belong to me.


Let’s get one thing straight, you’re way smarter than I could ever be and don’t you forget that!

I’m amazed you didn’t re-direct the donor to the fund for keeping Altara Zemara out of a cardboard box in the back streets of Jita. I mean, the bank manager already declined a loan for a Velas Supratidal Disintegrator and I had to sell my prize Fast Align Gnosis and a signed copy of my killboard to get one ! Even my maid, butler, and chauffeur are poor.


Sure thing, was planning to gift you the 4500 PLEX from my container at Parchanier VI - Moon 5 but I’m sure such a tiny amount is nothing compared to your wealth so would just come off as an insult so I won’t bother unlocking them. :innocent:


Edit: Or maybe I just unlock it and see who else grabs it instead. :smirk: :smiling_imp: :blush:


Just get him to do something unspeakably evil like kill a fellow miner, put 1 billion on his head and let him pod himself for the money.


Your just Jelly that my Princess treats me like how I want her to treat me and you can’t have what I have!

Any ISK or plex that is donated to Frostpacker goes straight to Aiko!

I once signed the contract the night I had spent inside her pleasure palace!

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That is some projection. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: If anyone is, you are “Jelly” for the PLEX is within your grasp but you can’t take it. :smiling_imp:

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Would you like to test the waters?

You seem confused, I don’t have to test anything. Everyone is free to try to grab the PLEX in any way they want and whatever the end result of that will be I’m completely fine with it. :wink:

I challenge you right now to see my true wealth!

If you were to contract that to This pilot I will contract that exact amount to @Aiko_Danuja

No need for a contract, you or Aiko or anyone else can just take it from the container that floats in space, it is open for anyone to access. :innocent:

We all know that is false and you need to be punished for lying and deceit!

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Feel free to gank me at your convenience. :wink:


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Well you will need to be Omega for when we duel!

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Nope. :stuck_out_tongue:

The agreement is that the loser pays the winner 5 Billion Isk and Frostpacker wants to clear that contract before year’s end.

Remember next year had already been booked for @Mr_Epeen