I'm Felix o/

Please don’t confuse me with anyone else!

I hold a valid Omega permit and I will be communicating my thoughts and ideas here on the forums as Eve Online is a fantastic adventure and New Eden will always be my home.


So this is the WordSalad Kiosk of the EVE-O Forums? :blush:

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Hi Felix, Welcome to the Community.
How did you know the forum was looking for a Frostpacker? I hope you settle rapidly well in your position. If you have any questions ask Aiko. She’s our resident mail-room attendant.

Hi Felix (Latin, ‘Happy’). Welcome to EVE’s outlier sub-forum. It’s good because, like OOPE, you can upload almost anything and someone will give it a whirl.

Post regularly, and I’ll be sure to return. In the meantime, Good Luck!

Frostbjorne (2)
This is my mascot, you will not find it anywhere, it is unique to frostpacker ®

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I saw it on Steam community.


Eating these bad boys :popcorn:

Yes, I will be live soon to do my part in helping New Citizens in eveonline!


Consider recording your session and uploading it (or parts of it) to your YT channel later on.

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Hello Felix Frostpacker,

Welcome to the community.

May you have much success and a long rewarding career here in New Eden.


It’s cute, I love it.

You owe 1 billion isk.

Things are getting more expensive out there. Might want to increase to 2b

I’m not in it for the isk.


It adds up over time as it is per month, every month, forever. :wink:


Dear Lord, it’s worse than Death & Taxes! Might as well retitle the game to Danuja Online!

Warning graphic image of my warn out knuckle on my right hand from use of computer mouse use which I refer to my mouse hand workout…

warning do not click just a picture of a warn out knuckle from using a computer mouse

No other reason to share such other than to clarify what I was referring about mouse hand work out.


Get some play dough. Kneading the play dough will reduce arthritis. It has the perfect consistency. Last i checked even the arthritis foundation recommended it


Mining in Higher Security Systems is totally Safe. :popcorn:


Have equipment for fleet coms

But don’t have access to discord

My account is disabled as I failed to be correctly identified

Google accepts that I identify as an alien…

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