Please give us icecream!

I like the idea of an ice cream themed booster. I could allow us to take less heat damage from overheating for a few minutes!


As long as it is named Mind Freeze


We’ll have to see what we can do! :slight_smile:

Yesterday, I had to waste an hour of my Eve time to get some ice cream. It would really be great to spend that time in space instead. Please bring ice cream to New Eden!

Need some some exotic dancer ice cream

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GM IceCream plz help, you are our only hope…

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Thank you for your support, yes we do need ice cream!

Just now when we took over one of the oldest Gallente systems, we wanted to celebrate our temprary victory and THERE WAS NO ICE CREAM! Please do something!

Screenshot (2097)


would this time of celebrations and snow not be the best time to bring ice cream to the game? Please do something CCP! We get so many nice bosters, we get great skins, we even get snowballs! Let us get ice cream too!

Full of hope,