Please hover pop up of Blueprint Info

Hey Folks I know that there are many folks out there that do some or major builders out here.
I know having blue prints littering the hangar and having to right click show info to see the remaining runs and ME and TE on them just to find the one you are looking for can take a lot of time. I know in contracts you get the option hovering the mouse over the blueprint to see basic info about would it be nice to be able to see the same thing in your hangar or corp hangar?

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Translation: Wants a tooltip.

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Tooltip spam can be really annoying - especially when they steal focus so you can’t click what’s under them! I appreciate the need to help new players and realize we have some control over the delay but think there should be an option in settings to turn off the categories that we don’t consider useful.

For blueprints, organize them in containers, select the container in the industry tool and you’ll see the ME, TE and runs remaining for all the prints in that container. There are several filters you can use to narrow the selection. I don’t see any need for another tooltip - unless I have a way to turn it off!

The tool tips are nice i will not argue but i do agree the ability to turn on or off would be nice on all tool tips.

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